Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dolce and Gabbana Shaping Eyebrow Pencil and Perfection Veil Pressed Powder! Xx

Dolce and Gabbana has launched two new products this January
exclusive to Harrods. The Shaping Eyebrow Pencil and Perfection Veil Pressed Powder.

The Shaping Eyebrow Pencil has a soft tear-shaped nib to ensure precision
of application and helps create a tailor made and natural look.

“In beauty, as in fashion, an element of definition 
exists at the heart of any tailored look; it brings strength 
and character to the look. In a beautiful woman, 
her brows frame her face and bring its beauty alive” 
– Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

The brow line brings natural definition to brows enhancing shape and density.
The pencil twists up and is long-lasting and smudge resistant,
remaining in place for up to 12 hours.

There is a spiral grooming brush on the other end of the pencil
so you can blend and groom hairs.
It is available in four shades, from very fair to very dark.

Pat McGrath says: “A strong brow look is bang 
on trend this season, and the new brow liner from 
Dolce and Gabbana Make Up allows you 
to create the perfect tailor made look for you. 
Each of the four gorgeous shades create amazing definition, 
and the smudge resistant formula together 
with the mechanical brush make for effortless 
and precise dual application”.
 exclusively at Harrods and

Above: Shaping Eyebrow Pencil in four shades:
Soft Brown, Stromboli, Chestnut and Mocha £33 each

 Dolce and Gabbana Make Up – Perfection Veil Pressed Powder

Dolce and Gabbana's lightweight pressed powder
 enlivens your face with colour,
reduces dullness and shine and creates an even translucent texture.
It blends flawlessly with skin to give a natural finish.

There are six colours to suit every complexion.
In a gold compact with black velvet pouch and powder brush
Introduction of powder completes Pat McGrath's four step regime:

Pat’s How To:
  1. Firstly, work up a uniform look with a base for the specific look you want to achieve. Use Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation for flawless skin with a long-lasting matte finish, or opt for Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation for a sheer, radiant look. Work the base across your face, blending outward from the nose with your fingers or using a Foundation Brush.
  2. Next, choose a concealer to cover any imperfections. Opt for Perfect Matte Concealer for creamy coverage of imperfections or red areas; choose Perfect Luminous Concealer to cover dark circles and add radiance.
  3. Next, apply Perfection Veil Pressed Powder to fix your look. For a beautiful, brightening sheen, you can also use a soft touch of powder across high points on the face.
  4. Now, choose a Luminous Cheek Colour or Glow Bronzing Powder to add colour and definition to the face, paired with Glow Illuminating Powder to enhance bone structure. Work colour upward toward the temples, sweeping the illuminating powder beneath the cheek bones to emphasise them.

    Pressed Powder in Nude Ivory 1 £44
     Pressed Powder in Natural Glow 2 £44 

Pressed Powder in Soft Sand 5 £44 
Pressed Powder in Biscuit 6 £44

Pressed Powder in Soft Blush 3 £44
Pressed Powder in Caramel 4 £44 

Until next time J Xx

'Dolce' Dolce and Gabbana's Spring Perfume! Xx

Dolce and Gabbana are launching a Brand New Perfume
in time for Valentine's Day.
Exclusive to Harrods from 5th February, it really is the most beautiful
and mesmerising Fragrance I have had a chance to encounter
in a long time.  It is a total bonus that the bottle
and packaging are completely magical.

The sample of Dolce came in the Post today and I was amazed.

 I lifted the lid and inside like a jack-in-the-box
opened out a dreamy vintage miniature dressing table
complete with hinged mirrors framing the beautiful bottle
 with flower stopper, and grosgrain bow.

Apparently the mirror is a copy of the antique mirror
that hangs in the tailor shop of Domenico’s father in Polizzi Generosa, 
near Palermo, and that today is in the Designers’ office, 

“The nobility of the soul, the elegance of every day gestures, 
the joy of sharing from generation to generation, 
and the effortless perfection of a single white flower.
 This is the picture of Sicily that I carry within me, 
and the one captured in this delicate fragrance,” says Domenico Dolce.

Dolce is a contemporary fragrance inspired by a memory. 
The originality is not just in the way it was created, 
using traditional essences and other brand-new ingredients, 
but also because it is the translation into fragrance 
of a young new love that will, by virtue of its innocence,
 retain its youthful vitality,” adds Stefano Gabbana.

The Fragrance is a feminine and fresh White Floral
defined by the White Amaryllis, 
a South African flower used for the first time ever in scent.

The top notes are Neroli leaves and Papaya Flower,
The Heart Notes White Amaryllis, 
White Water Lily and White Daffodil
and the Base notes are of Cameran, 
 Sandalwood and Spicy Musks

For the creation of Dolce, the rich, fulsome notes of the White Amaryllis 
were created using “Headspace Technology” which captures the exact 
scent of the flower when it is in full bloom without 
having to cut it and grind the petals to extract the essential oil.

This is a special species of White Amaryllis 
which grows solely in the Fynbos region of 
South Africa and has a rich and generous odour, 
where other White Amaryllis found elsewhere do not.

The name has poetic roots and originates from 
the Greek word “amarysso”, meaning: “I give light”. 
It has wide, trumpet blooms. The buds grow 
at different speeds so each will have a different
 intensity of scent 
Dolce blends this into a fragrance for the very first time.

The bottle is a thick clear curved flacon holding
the pale crisp green fragrance
with a flower stopper

which pays tribute to the marzipan sculptures seen in 
traditional Sicilian confectioners. 
 The petals fan out in three rows, with colours graduating 
from milky-white, through to cream, and soft pink at the centre.

There is a thin black grosgrain ribbon at
the neck of the bottle.

The pale cream box feels like smooth fine leather
 and 'Dolce' is signed in a flourish of black script, a replica 
of Domenico Dolce’s father’s own signature. 
It is underscored by the Dolce and Gabbana 
logo and thin black grosgrain ribbon.
Kate King stars in the print advertising shot by Domenico Dolce 
 working alongside Stefano Gabbana as Creative Director.
 Kate looks like a modern day Angelica - Claudia Cardinale woken from sleep
in a walled garden of white flowers in a Sicilian Stately Home.

Dolce and Gabbana were inspired by Visconti's Legendary 1963 Film
(Originally Il Gattopardo the novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
published in 1958)
The Leopard starring Claudia Cardinale and Alain Delon
Take a look at this film on You Tube
of Angelica and Tancredi in the Leopard.
You couldn't get much more Romantic for Valentine's! Xx

Above: Claudia Cardinale and Alain Delon in the Leopard
 Above Kate King in
 Dolce and Gabbana Jewellery ads

“Kate’s penetrating eyes are highly-charged, 
yet tender and innocent too, and in her gaze 
you see the spirit of Sicilian girls, the character 
of Angelica from The Leopard, whose candour
 and modern style managed to shake up Tancredi’s 
ancient world,” say Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Featuring dialogues in the Sicilian vernacular and 
scenes played out to an original soundtrack written by Ennio Morricone, 
the Film campaign is Directed by  Academy Award-winning 
Giuseppe Tornatore who has created a living tableau of Sicilian country life 
at a very special time of year for the village: the lemon harvest.

“Making a film for Dolce and Gabbana is not like making
 any ordinary commercial. Stefano and Domenico don’t 
give you a storyline, they give you a feeling: they asked 
me to recreate an atmosphere of delicate seduction 
and a sense of courtesy. This is how the Dolce campaign 
came to life, as the story of a courtship, of love and 
great strength, a tale of great Sicilian ebullience,”
 says Giuseppe Tornatore.

The campaign is set in the lemon tree grove of an 18th century Palazzo, 
Villa Eleonora Nicolaci di Villadorata, 
located just outside Noto and considered 
one of the most beautiful country 
residences in the province of Syracuse. 
Here a throng of merry workers go about the lemon harvest, as 
the young, aristocratic Kate King looks out of the 
palazzo before joining the farmhands, effortlessly 
beautiful with her dark hair pulled back and 
wearing a white lace dress. One of the workers, 
played by Brenno Placido, spies her from afar. 
Immediately infatuated, he climbs a tree to pick
 a flower which he gives to a small child to take 
to the object of his affection. The little girl 
passes it to a boy, who delivers it to Kate with 
a gentle kiss on the cheek. The two young
 lovers speak only with their eyes, they touch 
only through the gestures of the children. 
It is the start of a sweet and innocent courtship.

 Forever Dolce.

Dolce Dolce and Gabbana:
Eau de Parfum 30ml £45 Eau de Parfum 50ml £62 
Eau de Parfum 75ml £73 Perfumed Body Lotion 200ml

Moisturizing Perfumed Shower Gel 200ml

Available exclusively at Harrods and 
from 5th February and nationwide from 6th March. 

Until next time J Xx

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sparkle Style wins the Kirsten Goss #graphicexplosion Portrait Competition! Xx

Yay! The Portrait of our Editor Jenny Palmer won a £500 KG voucher 
in the marvellous #graphicexplosion portrait competition
for being the most 'liked' portrait. 
Thanks to everyone of you who voted! 
Thank you so much to Kirsten Goss, Sophie Stephens 
and Alicia Holden at MLPR Xx

Check our Post: Kirsten Goss x Sophie Stephens
to see when we took part in this collaborative event in December
at Kirsten's Store in Holland Road.

Check Kirsten's site for her beautiful jewellery:

Until next time J Xx

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Gucci - Flora 1966! Xx

This February, Gucci launches exclusive new scent which will join 
the Flora fragrance collection, inspired by the House’s 
iconic motif created for Grace Kelly in 1966.

Creative Director Frida Giannini says: “The year 1966 is a 
milestone in Gucci’s history 
as it marks the birth of the Flora motif. The fragrance, 
with its silken texture, will make every woman feel like a modern day icon.”

The flacon is a taller, statelier incarnation of the classic 
hexagonal Flora by Gucci bottle, 
 in opaque black lacquer with gold print. 

The bottle’s bow has gold bamboo beads. 
The packaging features black satin paper offset by a velvet ribbon, 
and the flacon is presented on a velvet stand.
This bottle is housed in a luxurious black silk pouch featuring 
a particularly ravishing version of the Flora motif: 
a lavish profusion of plush pink peonies, 
alongside vivid yellows and greens.

Exclusively at Harrods RRP: £130 for 100ml

Gucci Flora 1966 is an elegant and sensual floral chypre.
The top notes are zesty bergamot, spicy dark Bourbon Pepper, 
and a dry wood aroma,
Mid notes are of Peony petals, laced with voluptuous rose and
the Base notes are patchouli, vetiver and seductive musks

THE HERITAGE of Gucci Flora 1966

As with Flora and
The Flora Garden Collection by Gucci

The inspiration for Flora 1966 originates in an iconic design 
from the Gucci archives, rediscovered by Giannini.
The story began in Milan in 1966, 
when Prince Ranier of Monaco brought his wife 
to the Gucci boutique. 
Roldolfo Gucci insisted that Princess Grace
 choose a gift to accompany the bamboo bag she had purchased. 
The Princess requested a scarf.

 Above the beautiful Princess Grace

 Rodolfo felt that the House 
lacked one sufficiently beautiful for the royal style icon 
and so he commissioned illustrator Vittorio Accornero 
to create the most beautiful print he could imagine. 
Flora - the House’s iconic motif created for Grace Kelly in 1966
It was an elegant and unusual gesture: 
a gift of flowers printed on silk rather than an actual bouquet

Accornero returned with his painting: the “Flora”, a sumptuous, 
multi-hued, flowered template destined to become a design classic.

Women fell in love with Flora: the motif spoke to their 
sense of beauty and femininity. 
Mothers shared their devotion with their daughters. 
One such daughter was Princess Caroline of Monaco, 
who sported a blouse in her mother’s print. 
Another was a youthful Frida Giannini, 
whose mother had been captivated by the pattern.
When Giannini, revived Flora on printed canvas bags in summer 2005, 
a new generation succumbed to its charms. 
In 2006, it appeared re-scaled, re-coloured and abstracted 
onto Forties-style print dresses, jewellery and evening bags. 

 Charlotte Casiraghi 
 the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco
- Princess Grace's Grandaughter

Vittorio Accornero worked as a fabric designer for Gucci from the 1970s to 1981.

Flora was the first in a long line of scarves created by Accornero 
– at least seventy-seven, many with floral or plant themes
 – that referenced the house’s identity to the seasonal changes of fashion.
Flora is a delicate and whimsical composition of flowers, fruits and insects, 
drawn with a naturalist’s precision in thirty- seven colours on a white background. 
Accornero’s motif reveals his taste for high culture:
 it is often associated with Botticelli’s Primavera (1478-85)
Above: Botticelli's Primavera

 Botticelli's Primavera (detail)

Until next time J Xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Kirsten Goss x Sophie Stephens #GRAPHICEXPLOSION competition! Xx

Sophie Stephen's portraits for Kirsten Goss have landed! 

Check our Post: Kirsten Goss x Sophie Stephens
to see when we took part in this collaborative event last month
at Kirsten's Store in Holland Road.

Now that all the festive celebrations are behind us 
Kirsten Goss have launched their #GRAPHICEXPLOSION competition!

All we need you to do is vote for our Editor

Jenny's Portrait and you could be in 
with a chance of winning a £50 Kirsten Goss voucher.

5 voters will be chosen at random and win a £50 KG voucher each.

The rules:
We’ve already loaded all the portraits to our Facebook page, 

all you need to do is ‘like’ Jenny's Portrait
loaded onto Kirsten Goss' Facebook Page

That's right - Check this link: Portrait
and Click 'like' - simple as that! Xx

Competition closes on 28th January 2014 
and winners will be announced on 29th

In the Portrait Jenny wears 
Mavis Hoop Earrings, and Virginia Necklace
by Kirsten Goss see below:

textured 18kt gold vermeil double hoops intricately 
woven with black spinel, on shepherd hooks

Virginia £335
hand crafted gilded brass dagger and chain detail 
on 18kt gold vermeil chain from our Arcade collection

 Sophie Stephens x Kirsten Goss! Xx

Sophie Stephens #GRAPHICEXPLOSION in the window
at Kirsten Goss 
Jenny Palmer and Kirsten Goss


Good luck!
and Best wishes, Kirsten Goss
Sophie Stephens and Sparkle Style Xx