Thursday, 4 December 2014

STELLA the Signature Scent for Christmas! Xx

Stella McCartney has relaunched her first fragrance
STELLA with a new advertising campaign and packaging.

“When we created STELLA, we created a scent so true to the brand, 
it was an effortless extension of the Stella McCartney brand 
and still stands for today. 
STELLA is woven into our story and its evolution with new design 
details to keep it current,” says Stella McCartney

STELLA is a celebration of women, and Lara is the perfect representation.
 She brings the ideas of the fragrance alive, in an honest way, 
she is a modern woman who is approachable
 and sensual at the same time,” says Stella McCartney.

The fragrance has soft rosy floral top notes
blended with sharp fresh mandarin and light peony flower 
the heart is pure rose 
and the base notes are amber to add a masculine edge
take a look at this short film
by Danilo Lauria
showing the Xmas packaging


Until next time J Xx


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