Sunday, 30 November 2014

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands! Xx

We love the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.
The Building itself Designed by Danny Owen 
is on the Esterly Tibbets Highway
and built in beautiful grounds with native plants, 
designed by the renowned 
Margaret Barwick and Sandy Urquhuart.
There is a sculpture park at the back with a pergola, 
a labyrinth and a native plant Heritage Trail.

Check the details on

Look out for our pieces on the Surrealist's Ball last Friday,
and a Workshop with 3 Girls and a Kiln 
which we went to this Saturday.

This Wednesday 3 December
sees the opening of David Bridgeman's Exhibition
The Road not Taken

Earlier this month we went to the opening of Avril Ward's
brilliant Photography Show in the Dart Auditorium.  
Avril's Photos featured simple abstract shapes 
using light into its purist form to create the images.  
These pictures reminded us of Henry Fox Talbot's
work - the Father of Photography.

Avril Ward and Jenny Palmer
at the opening of the Exhibition
check the review by Christopher Tobutt
on the NGCI website

Take a look at the incredible sculpture outside 
the National Gallery by Davin Ebanks:

Adjacent by Davin Ebanks
sponsored by the Cayman Water Authority
'Adjacent is a simple minamilist sculpture re-inventing an 
iconic Caymanian symbol, the catboat.
Two half models of the vessel standing upright intersect to 
symbolise the bow and the stern. The result of their interaction 
is suggestive of a crossroads or a passageway, 
individuality and dialogue, permanance and timelessness.  
Sheets of transparent glass suggesting a keel overlap
One facade and emerge from the solemn structure, 
energising it with reflective light and balancing it with airlines.'
About the Artist:
'Davin Ebanks received an MFA from Kent State University 
with a concentration in glass sculpture and is currently working in the USA.  
His works utilise the medium of glass to explore his personal 
and cultural history and have won him many exhibition invitations, 
an Artist in Residence at Jacsonville University 
and the McCoy Prize in the Cayman Islands.'

Until next time J Xx


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