Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Fort George and John Broad's Triptych! Xx

 We are still enjoying the cloudy cool weather right now
on Grand Cayman 
which is wonderfully calm and fresh, so Sophie and me took a
walk up to Fort George to take a look at John Broad's 
triptych which is just stunning. 
These three paintings were commissioned by the National Trust
as part of the Restoration of this Historical Site 
which was unveiled in February this year.

 I made Sophie sit down and listen to the explanations of 
the pictures each telling a different story of this historical spot.

Spanish Attack  Acrylic on Canvas John Broad 2012

The first tells of a Spanish Attack on the Island around 1779; 

 World War II  Acrylic on Canvas John Broad 2012

...the second of how survivors of a merchant steam vessel 
Comayagua sunk by the German Submarine U125 
were rescued by the Caymanian ship MV Cimboco;

Easter Regatta 60' x 48' Acrylic on Canvas John Broad 2013

...and the third depicts The Inaugural Easter Regatta 
in 1935 which celebrated the awesome 
seamanship and shipbuilding on the Cayman Islands.  
Fort George was an ideal place from which 
to view the celebrations each year.

 The restoration of Fort George which was made possible
 by a generous donation from
the Walkers Foundation, was unveiled by a champagne reception
on 6 February earlier this year.  
The ruins of Fort George were originally donated to 
the National Trust in 1987 and the structure
 was officially dedicated in August 1992.
The new restoration also includes a recreation 
of the lookout house that was built in 
the silk cotton tree that stood here.  
People remember the 42 steps up to this little wooden house, 
where the Home Guard watched out for German Submarines.
 Just round the corner is John Broad's other mural 
- 'The Wall of History' alongside the Courthouse 
celebrating 500 years of Cayman.
This was presented to Prince Edward during 
the Quincentennial Celebrations during 2003

Check my Book The Cayman Islands for a photograph
of the whole wall by John Broad 
which is an amazing pictorial History 
dating from Drake's first sighting of the Islands in 1503.

Also check:

Both books available on Amazon and at Books and Books Camana Bay,
The National Gallery Bookshop and the National Museum Shop George Town
Grand Cayman BWI

Until next time J Xx


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