Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sigma ft Paloma Faith Changing! Xx

Paloma Faith is sounding better than ever
in the Sigma Collaboration Changing
The video is amazing too filmed downtown Miami
against Graffiti, corner stores,
barbers and bbqs, with Chevrolets and cyclists. 
This is a dreamlike portrait of a simple free life 
away from it all...
 Hell down, heaven down
Living in the same town
Tryna find something new
Vocal beats a frame
I've been frozen in

Tryna find a better view
This ain't real, this ain't cool
This ain't what I signed up too
This ain't right, it's no good
No good, oh

Everything is changing

And I've been here for too long
Going through the same things
I've been hurting too long, got to move on
Say I
I can't do this anymore
If everything is changing
And I know, you'll find it

I don't understand playing by the same hand
How you find something new
I can't work it out, what it's all about
I won't live my life through you ...

 Paloma looks stunning with Frida Kahlo inspiration ...

Frida Kahlo (above)

bright pink bikini, purple cut out top and skirt, 

 pink socks
and amazing fuchsia, orange and sky blue 
platform peep toe heels with a yellow bow

check the large golden hoop earrings and flowers in hair,
and her plait with fuchsia scarf woven in around the front of the high bun ...

 Nails are coral - and we are loving Paloma's wing tattoo ...

 the sigma guys aka Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie

We see this as being a major anthem
May things always Change for the Better ...
A still at the end of the video (above) of Paloma with the guys from Sigma
reminds me of a photograph taken at my wedding in 1999.

This is the late talented and much beloved 
Evie Doggart 1962 - 2002 (above centre) with my angel Bridesmaids,
Rebecca Fisher and Rachel Collingwood.
RIP Evie Doggart we will always love you .... Xxxx

Until next time J Xx

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