Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Magnum 25th Anniversary at Selfridges! X

So Magnum are continuing their 25th Anniversary
Celebrations with an installation in Selfridges
where you can make the Magnum of your dreams.

The window nearest Marble Arch has
an enormous Golden Magnum
in a glass bubble and rose petals surrounded
by smaller Magnums with decorations inspired
by their Travels.

There is an exhibition of specially decorated Magnums

So there are three Stages:

You choose your Toppings - up to any three from a large selection.
Choose your naked magnum - Vanilla or Chocolate Caramel
and then the coating - White, Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate
Toppings include Popping Candy, Biscuit Crumble, Cinnamon Sugar
Honeycomb, Silver Feuillantine or Cornflower ...
Pistachio, Crushed Meringue, Brownies, White Chocolate Vermicelli ...

The Chocolate Coatings
Coating the naked Ice Cream
Mixing the toppings
I had Honeycomb, Silver Feuillantine
and Meringue
Sprinkling the toppings

Drizzing the Chocolate over the toppings
The Complete Custom Made Magnums 


Until next time J Xx

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