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Dolce & Gabbana Fall Runway Make Up Collection 2014/15! Xx

The new Fall beauty collection for 
Dolce and Gabbana Make Up 
draws its inspiration from the captivating colours 
and mirrors the fairytale magic of 
the Fall/Winter 14/15 runway show,
which told tales of knights in shining armour,
red riding hood, woodland creatures and princesses in the forest.

The colours are warm and natural and Dolce and Gabbana
have used iridescent tones which remind them of
'the sun at dusk filtering through
 the branches of an enchanted garden'.

The Autumn Winter Runway Collection 
was in a Palette of Amethyst, Ruby,
Deep Emerald, Earthy Sienna, Mustard, Sunflower, Mulberry,
Silver, Gold and Black, and the Make up Collection
complements these rich colours.

“The secret to Fall Runway is the delicate yet rich balance of colors. 
The focus is on smoky eyes with radiant skin illuminating 
the entire look, finished with dark nails in typically rich forest shades. 
The Fall Runway collection is perfect for day or night: 
for evening, make eyes more dramatic by applying 
Perfect Mono Cream Eye Colour with a damp brush 
or finger to make the color pigments more intense. 
Apply two coats of Intenseyes Mascara for full lashes, 
and highlight the lips with The Lipliner to contrast 
against the lighter nude lipstick: this is the trend for the season.” 
Pat McGrath, Creative Advisor, Dolce and Gabbana Make Up.

Above: Pat McGrath
Portrait P and G
Fall Runway starts with mesmerizing eyes. 
Pat McGrath used, the new Perfect Mono intense cream eye colour 
in two lustrous pearly shades and one matte shade: 
Dahlia, a warm dark purple, Gold Dust, with hints of metallic gold, 
and the Cocoa, a beautifully matte rich dark brown. 
The Glam Liner in Black Intense adds striking drama 
and mystery to the eyes, with the deep black pigments of 
Intenseyes Mascara creating further intrigue.
 Pat used the Brow Liner, the extraordinary automatic pencil 
for high definition brows in Soft Brown, to complete the eye look.
Radiant and luminous skin forms the basis of the fall look. 
The Blush in Rose, a shade as delicate and luscious as a petal, 
accentuates the cheek bones and temples. 
The Illuminator in Eva provides a feminine contouring 
effect on the skin, creating an aura of natural perfection.

In the runway show there were Swans, Owls, Squirrels 
and woodland creatures mixed with cross key imagery
 on ornate floral lace and embroidery.  
All reminiscent of fairy tale clothing.
We adored the floral and corseted chiffon gowns.  

Above: The models hair was worn up in plaited buns
and make up was carefully drawn eyebrows with 
the Shaping Eyebrow pencil, Eyeliner 2 coats of mascara, 
Mono in cocoa in the socket.
On the face is Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation with Eva Illuminator
and Blush in Rose. Lips are outlined with Lipliner in Cashmere
an intense antique rose shade and 
filled in with Classic Cream Lipstick in Honey, a nude shade 
warmed with a touch of golden honey

The Fall Runway Make up Collection
For the eyes
Perfect Mono – NEW
Cream Eye Colour in Cocoa 60
Cocoa is a Matt Shade
Cream Eye Color in Dahlia 100
an iridescent warm dark purple
Cream Eye Colour in Gold Dust 20
a lustrous pearly shade with hints of metallic gold

The Glam Liner
Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Black Intense 1

Black Intensity Mascara in Black Intense 1

The Brow liner
Shaping Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Brown 1

For the face

The Blush
Luminous Cheek Colour in Rose 30
The Illuminator
Glow Illuminating Powder in Eva 3

Lips are well-defined by the Lipliner in Cashmere
an intense antique rose shade, 
and by Classic Cream Lipstick in a choice of three sumptuous shades; 
Honey, a nude shade warmed with a touch of golden honey, 
Amethyst, a deep burgundy and 
Ultra, a rich and sensual red.

L: Precision Liner in Cashmere 8, an intense antique rose shade and 
R: Classic Cream Lipstick in Honey 130, a nude shade 
warmed with a touch of golden honey

Classic Cream Lipstick in Amethyst 330, a deep burgundy

Classic Cream Lipstick in Ultra 650, a rich and sensual red

For Nails there is a Brand New Limited Edition Collection 
of 3 Shades of the Intense Nail Lacquer

there is a forest green, 
a dark wine and a deep, sensuous red. 
These are the three jewel-like colours that Dolce and Gabbana
designed the amazing chiffon dresses in the a/w 14/15 collection. 

Intense Nail Lacquer Verde Bosco 177 
Intense Nail Lacquer in Vinaccia 171

Intense Nail Lacquer in Fiamma 155

A perfect match for this Sensual Fall Runway Collection,
and one you should check out while you are in Harrods
trying it out,
is Dolce and Gabbana's Velvet Desert OUD

Sparkle Style have written about this original and exotic fragrance
on a couple of occasions before.
In our piece about the whole Velvet Collection,
and our piece when Massimiliano della Maggesa aka Max,

Indeed since February 2014 Velvet Desert OUD 
part of the sumptuous Velvet Collection
is this year’s best-selling fragrance at Harrods! Xx

'Nothing is more Exciting than the Chase' Domenico Dolce
'Like a fragrant breeze blowing through 
the dunes of Middle Eastern deserts, 
Velvet Desert Oud floods the senses, 
permeating so quickly and 
so powerfully that the chase ultimately becomes 
an unconditional and comforting conquest.'

Velvet Desert OUD is indeed an Exciting Fragrance
and one of our Favourites too! 

Velvet Desert Oud has a fragrance just 
like the Desert Breeze with heady
incense and dark wood, amber and musk. 
 It is extremely Deep and Sensual...

Available exclusively at Harrods and Harrods.com. Price £185.

Take a look at the rest of our favourites from the F/W Show:

Until next time J Xx

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