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Pradasphere Exhibition at Harrods & Prada “In the Heart of the Multitude” SS14 ! Xx

So if you are quick, you can catch the Pradasphere Exhibition
on the fourth floor at Harrods, which closes on 29 May.

It presents a broad spectrum of historic collections,
special projects, collaborations and experiments.
The Exhibition traces the diverse obsessions of Miuccia Prada,
 from fashion and accessories to art, 
architecture, cinema and beyond

It is, as Michael Rock the Curator says 
"a portrait of one of our generation’s 
most creative minds.”

The exhibition is adjoined by the 
first Pradasphere Café, which 
serves Italian delicacies 
with customary Prada style.

 'Journey through the various zones of the exhibition
(below) from The Product Zone which brings together shoes and bags from
many different seasons and recombines
them to illustrate essential qualities that run through all collections;
to the Luxury Zone, which presents the incredibly exotic, delicate,
handmade textiles and innovative materials that make up
Prada's most exclusive designs.'

Michael Rock the curator of this amazing exhibition is of course
the founder of 2x4, and organised the creative collaborative murals
at Prada's S/S14 Women's fashion show on September 19, 2013 to
 present “In the Heart of the Multitude”, 

featuring the work of four muralists and 
two illustrators on the walls of the show.

“The fascinating aspect of this project was not only identifying
 and working with each individual,” says 2x4 founder Michael Rock, 
“but imagining the work of all six together in conversation.
 In many ways this project contradicts the prevailing cultural condition 
where everyone is somewhere else, connecting through social media,
 emailing files, and talking by Skype. By insisting on real paintings
 instead of digital reproductions, Miuccia Prada is fostering
 the creative energy that can only happen when everyone is physically 
working together in one space. It’s a fundamentally different experience.”
As part of the environment for the 
Spring/Summer 2014 Women's fashion show,
 Prada invited muralists Miles “El Mac” Gregor, Mesa,
 Gabriel Specter, and Stinkfish, 
and illustrators Jeanne Detallante and Pierre Mornet, 
to engage themes of femininity, representation, power, 
and multiplicity on the walls of the Via Fogazzaro show space in Milan.

The concept originated from an interest in the political 
wall art from Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera, 
David Alfaro Siqueiros and José Clemente Orozco 
combined with on-going exploration into large-scale wall installations 
at the Prada Broadway epicenter and other sites worldwide. 
In conjunction with 2x4, the New York-based design firm 
and long-time creative collaborator, Prada conducted a global research 
and commissioned these six young artists and illustrators, 
known for their distinctive style, color sensibility and approach 
to figurative representation, to work directly in the show space. 
The walls were reshaped to maximize the structural variation 
and provide multiple planes on which the artists could realize their visions.

The overall spatial concept, designed by Prada creative partner AMO 
as an inversion of the traditional fashion show configuration, 
features a stylized perimeter street that encircles an irregularly shaped central island. 
Rather than looking in to a central catwalk, the audience was seated 
on the island looking out toward the murals that adorn the outer walls.

The streetscape was populated by models weaving under 
and in front of large blocks, some even looming overhead. 
The jutting, almost expressionistic, walls radically alter the sense 
of scale in the room. The catwalk was surfaced in industrial rubber 
as a reference to the urban street and the murals, with their dramatic scale
 and vibrant colour which lent an exuberant panache 
to the severity of the surrounding walls.

The muralists set to work in the Milan show space in a cloud 
of aerosol, paint and turpentine. The overall space took shape slowly 
as each one claimed a wall space and got to work. 
The grey undercoating was replaced by fantastically rendered 
and colored portraits as they each interpreted the broad themes
 in their own manner. As the work was gradually realized, t
he dynamic juxtaposition of style and technique was revealed.

“It’s exciting to be here in Milan, painting with these other artists. 
There’s a lot of talent here.” notes the Los Angeles-based artist Miles Gregor 
who is known by his street name: El Mac. “And obviously in Milan
 you’re surrounded by a strong history of design, fashion, 
art and culture, so it’s inspiring to be influenced by that energy.”

See below about the Artists
mixed in with the SS14 Prada Show

Sueños y Polvo de Estrellas
Miles “El Mac” Gregor. Born 1980 United States, lives in Los Angeles 
— El Mac was inspired at a young age by Caravaggio, Vermeer, and Klimt, 
graffiti and photorealism, and Chicano & Mexican culture. 
In 1999 he began to paint portraits of his friends and anonymous 
Mexican laborers throughout the American Southwest as well 
as large technicolor aerosol interpretations of old European master paintings. 
In 2003 the Groeninge Museum commissioned El Mac to interpret 
Flemish Primitive paintings from its museum’s collection through his murals. 
He has been commissioned to paint murals across the US and around
 the world and has exhibited internationally at Art Basel Miami; MARCO, Monterrery; 
Fifty24SF Gallery, San Francisco; Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC; and the Havana Biennial. 

Tropical Wild Space Colour Girls

Stinkfish. Born 1981 in Mexico City and currently lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia. 
Recognized internationally for his large, colorful murals, 
Stinkfish works from photographs of local people that he takes at the street
 and later turns into stencils that will form part of the finished work mixed 
with freehand style. His work can be seen in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, 
Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, Spain, Germany, UK, France,
 Holland, Austria and Nepal.

Colourful Women

Gabriel Specter. Born 1978 Canada, lives in Brooklyn — He is recognized for taking 
an anthropological approach to his work. His paintings and sculptures contextualise 
the urban mundane and marginalized aspects of our population, 
and document the changing present by looking to the past. Gabriel Specter is known 
for site-specific installations that revitalize forgotten places. Having created public artworks 
in cities like Tokyo, London, Paris, Mexico City and St. Petersburg, 
his style and commitment are recognized worldwide. 

Beauty Masks
Jeanne Detallante. Born 1978 France, lives in Philadelphia — 
She has developed a highly personal and instantly recognizable style over the years, 
which is equally dazzling and grotesque. Exploring arche- types of myths,
 fairy-tales and high-end fashion magazines, Detallante creates unsettling 
and fascinating dream worlds. Her work has been commissioned by Shiseido, 
MTV, W Hotels, Cointreau, and Sony Japan and appeared editorially in Nowness, 
The New Yorker, The New York Times, Vogue (GB, Brazil, Japan, Paris, Italy), 
Blend, Fantastic Man, L’Officiel, Le Fooding, and Citizen K.  


Senza Fine

Mesa. Born 1989 Spain, lives in Barcelona — He began his career 
as an urban artist painting graffiti in his hometown of El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain. 
After graduating from Santa Isabel de Ungria Fine Arts University in Seville, 
he has been commissioned to paint murals throughout Spain, Athens, Berlin, Paris, 
Italy and Africa. He is dedicated to painting and has participated in 
various exhibitions in Paris, Berlin and Seville.


Trois Femmes
Pierre Mornet. Born 1972 France, lives in Paris — He studied graphic design 
and presented his first exhibition in 1994. Focusing on illustration, Pierre has 
published four children’s books and designed many book covers. His 
work regularly appears in press and advertising, and is regularly exhibited 
in art galleries, with a forthcoming solo exhibition in 2014. Since 2009, Pierre 
has also been the poster designer for the Lille Opera House. He is the author 
and illustrator of a new children’s book “L’anniversaire” to be published in
 October by Autrement.   


The May Issue of Harrods Magazine shoot (below)
featuring all things Prada
Photographer Ishi  Fashion Editor Victoria Gaiger

 Hair Tony Collins at Streeters using Bumble and Bumble
Make up Alex Babsky at Frank Agency using Lancome
Manicurist Shreen Gayle at Premier
Model Amanda Murphy at IMG
Junior Fashion Assistant Olivia Halsall

All Clothes Prada Womenswear Boutique, International Designer !
Prada Shoe Boutique, The Shoe Salon

Still Life Photographs Alain Costa

Pradasphere Windows Experience, Hans Crescent and Brompton Road
Pradasphere Pop-Up Boutique, Door 9
Prada Accessories Boutique, Luxury Accessories 2
Prada Menswear Boutique, Men's International Collections

Pradasphere Exhibition
Marchesi Café

Until next time J Xx

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