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La Prairie Facial at Institut La Beaute with Swiss Ice Crystal Collection! Xx

We went to Institut de Beaute for a Swiss Cellular La Prairie Facial with 
the brilliant Izzy Jaffer.
Using the new Swiss Cellular Ice Crystal Oil and Cream,
this facial actively delays the effects of premature ageing, 
retexturizes and helps to renew surface skin. 
It smoothes the appearance of fine dry lines and wrinkles, 
while pores seem to be reduced. 

As we have mentioned before on Sparkle Style, Izzy 
is the best around for a Facial - she massages 
your face stimulating the Lymphatic
Glands, and includes an awesome neck and 
shoulder massage for total relaxation.
Afterwards you skin looks totally 
rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalised,
glowing brighter, younger and healthier.
Izzy Jaffer of institut de beaute
Above: Institut de Beaute 72 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9QS
01372 463 555

Check their site for a choice of different

We love their bikini waxes, and the Glycolic Acid Peel Facial

Natural fruit acids within the light chemical peel
give fantastic results either as a single treatment 
or as part of a course to improve particular concerns.

As an Anti Ageing treatment the Glycolic Acid will exfoliate
the surface skin cells to reveal a younger healthier-looking 
complexion without stripping or drying the skin.
The essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients will 
brighten an revive dull and tired looking skin
as well as sun and environmentally damaged skin.

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with Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles, Caroline Flack, Fazer, 
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Cinta Miller Harry Styles and Izzy Jaffer
Jenny Palmer and Cara Delevingne

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Jenny Palmer and Chloe Green

Izzy Jaffer and Frankie Essex

The products that Izzy used in my Facial from La Prairie were the
Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil
which as Dr Daniel Stangl, Director of Innovation, La Prairie Group says:
“Through my 20 years of innovation with La Prairie 
the new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal products are among 
the most exciting products we’ve developed.  
To be able to capture the youth-protecting 
properties and adaptive nature of the three 
survivalist plants – deemed the Swiss Ice 
Crystal Complex – and combine those with 
revolutionary technologies of modern skincare is exceptional”

In these products, La Prairie have used two fragile plants and a tiny algae 
which survive in the harsh atmosphere miles high 
in the Swiss Alps.  They have harnessed the extreme-survivalist 
secrets of those plants and algae in order to allow the 
skin to become more resilient and renewed.

The skin can look younger, refreshed, revitalised
using these survivalist secrets.

 Dr. Stangl’s studies led him and the R and D team to the discovery 
of a tiny plant identified as Saxifraga Oppositifolia, or Purple Saxifrage, 
growing just below the summit of the ice-covered Dom, 
one of the highest mountains in Switzerland.  
Dr. Stangl hypothesised that the plant must have 
extremely protective cellular mechanisms to survive 
and thrive in what is recognised by botanists 
as the coldest place on earth where a flowering plant 
has ever been found, which could translate to skincare benefits. 

Inspired and intrigued by that idea, the R and D team began 
a deeper exploration of plants and algae living 
and prospering in an extreme world of ice 
and snow for a project they deemed “Swiss Ice Crystal Plants”.  
They soon found another tiny and fragile extremophile 
plant called Soldanella Alpina – this one flourishing 
on the lower slopes of mountains in the central parts 
of Switzerland, up to 3000 metres above sea level.  
Soldanella Alpina is dormant through a prolonged 
winter “ice age” earning its nickname ‘sleeping beauty,’ 
but in early spring, the water trickling through cracks 
in the frozen snow above rouses the root and causes 
the plant to germinate.  A small bud begins to open, 
and using the fuel stored up in the leaves, 
Soldanella Alpina melts a place for itself to 
grown under the snow or ice.  As the bell-shaped 
flower grows up toward the light, it continues to 
melt the snow until it emerges into the fresh air.

 La Prairie’s R and D team partnered with a Swiss nursery 
specialising in high Alpine plants.  In specific soil and climate conditions, 
Purple Saxifrage and Soldanella Alpina grow in a sustainable way.
  Both plants are harvested only once a year, in June, 
after their short flowering season, through a laborious process where 
every single plant is cut by hand, carefully purified 
from soil and dried for further processing 
and extraction of precious components.  

The R and D team at La Prairie then added 
a third ingredient proven to be a survivor among harsh conditions:
 Swiss Snow Algae, a potent anti-ageing powerhouse 
that was first utilised in La Prairie’s Cellular Power Collection.  
A true pioneer of living in snow and ice, Swiss Snow Algae 
build tiny microcrystals of red pigments that protect 
against extreme UV and visible light in high altitudes. 
During the winter, Swiss Snow Algae rest in the form 
of red spores beneath the snow blanket. In spring, 
the resting spores germinate and release smaller green
 flagellate cells which travel towards the surface of 
the snow to proliferate, leading to the phenomenon of 
a crimson blanket on the snow’s surface, seen in summer.  
La Prairie sustainably grows Swiss Snow Algae in bio-fermenters,
 harvesting the red form of the algae after the UV induction.  
Combined with extracts of Purple Saxifrage and Soldanella Alpina, 
Swiss Snow Algae completes the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex trifecta. 

Upon finalising the patent-pending Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, 
the La Prairie R and D team knew they had created 
a true triple threat against ageing.  After all, 
the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex helps your skin adjust 
to skin-ageing stressors and support cell renewal,
 day after day.  To make certain that what the plants 
are doing for themselves, the complex will do
 for our skin cells, Dr. Stangl and his team employed 
cutting-edge genetic, molecular and cell biology methods
 to demonstrate the unique protective and anti-ageing
 benefits of the complex for the skin.

With Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and 
Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, skin has 
the strength it needs to acclimate to life’s stresses 
– increased hydration and resilience 
– in two incredibly textured treatment products.

As Dr. Daniel Stangl states
“I’ve been with the brand since 1993 – 
through 20 years of ground breaking, innovative launches 
– and the new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal products 
are among the most exciting products we’ve developed.
  To be able to capture the youth-protecting properties 
and adaptive nature of the three survivalist plants – 
deemed the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex – and combine 
those with revolutionary technologies of modern 
skincare is exceptional.  In essence, the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex 
helps skin outwit daily ageing assaults from the environment
 – an incredible achievement.”

Says Lynne Florio, Global Brand President for La Prairie
“When it comes to the development of new products 
for La Prairie, no cost is spared, no research left undone, 
no frontier is left unexplored in our quest for agelessness.  
Our clients pay a premium for the best in their skincare, 
and they expect the highest level of performance.  
We aim to exceed their expectations, and I am confident 
we have done so with the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal duo.”

Size: 30 ml / 1 OZ.Dry Oil


“A drop of Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil each day 
is the remedy to your complexion issues.  
It’s incredibly effective in strengthening the skin’s 
natural moisture barrier while also soothing and nurturing skin.”

Dr Daniel Stangl, Director of Innovation, La Prairie Group

Seeking clearer, smoother, hydrated, nurtured skin?  
Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil is a hydrating, 
nurturing dry oil becomes one with your skin upon application.  
 Containing a precious blend of pure oils and age-delaying extracts 
– nature’s answers to youth and beauty – 
as well as new Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, 
the sheer, weightless dry oil strengthens and fortifies 
your skin to prevent moisture loss and keep skin supple,
 emitting a non-oily, natural, healthy glow.

 The most obvious benefit is hydration, as oils help create a seal 
which locks in moisture on skin.  In addition, the youth-preserving 
Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, which embodies the 
intense survival capability of extremophile plants 
and algae capable of withstanding the harshest 
environment on earth for plant life – namely Saxifraga Oppositifolia, 
Soldanella Alpina and Swiss Snow Algae
 – helps to provide potent antioxidant protection.   

A dry oil product can help every moisturiser work better.  
After all, humectants in creams draw water into your skin. 
 Oils hold water in, so if you use both at the 
same time, you get the most hydration. 
How to apply:
  • May be used AM and PM.
  • May be used alone or used in combination with another moisturiser to dramatically nurture and strengthen your skin’s resilience to rapid ageing factors.
  • For current serum users who also desire to incorporate Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil into their existing skincare regimen, apply your preferred serum first to clean skin.  Follow      with a blend of 1-2 drops of Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil mixed in with moisturiser of choice; smooth mixture over face, neck and décolleté. 

Size:                              50 ml / 1.7 FL OZ. Cream £210


“With Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream, 
we’ve created a deeply moisturising, age-delaying cream 
that excels at fortifying your skin’s resilience to life’s daily ageing assaults.”
Dr Daniel Stangl, Director of Innovation, La Prairie Group

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream is a nourishing daily moisturiser.  
The modern formulation – an oil-in-water gel-cream
 – feels rich but immediately penetrates 
and turns skin to silk as it revitalises the complexion
 and works to fortify your skin’s resilience   

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream features the 
youth-preserving Swiss Ice Crystal Complex 
(comprised of Saxifraga Oppositifolia, 
Soldanella Alpina and Swiss Snow Algae), 
which fortifies your skin’s resistance and adaptability 
to a world of daily skin ageing extremes.  In addition, 
it contains the anti-ageing powers of Tissue Guidance Matrix 
and two plant cell extracts based on stem cell technology 
to assist with skin renewal, Hyaluronic Acid to deeply
 moisturise and photo-reflecting agents to help skin glisten. 

How to apply:
  • Smooth over face and neck after cleansing and toning.
  • For enhanced moisturisation and barrier protection, blend a drop or two of Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil with Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream.
  • May be used over a serum.
  • May be used AM and PM.
Until next time J Xx

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  1. It’s a very good review of La Prairie products. I have tried some and they do give good results. But not as good as having a Botox London treatment which instantly gives my skin a smooth and firm affect.