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Elen Rivas & MitoQ Supplements and Serum! Xx

We went to meet the gorgeous and completely lovely Elen Rivas 
to talk to her about MitoQ Serum and Supplements, 
and her top 5 Beauty Secrets
that keep her looking so awesome and full of Energy.
Elen Rivas in Marni Top and Top Shop Leggings
and Jenny Palmer in Karen Millen Chiffon ruffle top,
Zadig & Voltaire  Camison and Cream Cardigan, 
Top Shop Snakeskin Skirt
Jewelry by Links of London and Pandora

Elen has been taking MitoQ oral supplements 
and using the MitoQ Serum,
 which can help with slowing down the ageing process, restoring energy 
levels and eradicating facial fine lines and wrinkles.

MitoQ is a powerful antioxidant that selectively
 targets the mitochondria (the ‘batteries’ in the body’s cells), 
quenching the damaging free radicals that accumulate there, 
causing skin to age and leading to various diseases. 

MitoQ is now available in supplement

and a serum form,

We asked Elen about the first positive 
result she had seen from the pills
which she has now been taking twice a day for a month,
and the Serum which she has been using for the same amount of time
morning and night. 

Elen said that she could see a definite plumping of her skin,
it had become more glowing, with less fine lines and wrinkles.
She felt she definitely had more energy and a better quality of
sleep from taking the supplement.

Elen Rivas is always extremely busy and has
to fit a lot into her day looking after her two young daughters, plus
managing her successful career as a model, TV personality and
charity fundraiser.

I asked her how she managed to keep her energy levels up,
while at the same time looking so young and unstressed.
Her skin looks glowing and wrinkle free.

Here are her top 5 beauty secrets especially for you 
my Sparkle Style readers! Xx

1 Religiously taking MitoQ Supplements and using the Serum
regularly to target the mitochondria 
(the ‘batteries’ in the body’s cells), 
quenching the damaging free radicals that accumulate there, 
which cause skin to age.

2  Eat your last meal of the day early - at 5/6pm 
 so the body has time to digest,
before going to sleep. Elen's diet is a vegetarian one, which
includes a lot of Juices and soups, and Elen makes sure that
she includes Superfoods to feed the brain and improve memory,
such as Wheatgrass.  
A good list of Superfoods which 
will help you maintain your weight, fight disease and live longer 
- these are all 'real' or unprocessed foods:
Beans, Blueberries, Broccoli, Oats, 
Oranges, Pumpkin, Salmon,
Soya, Spinach, Tea (green or black) Tomatoes, 
Walnuts, Walnuts and Yoghurt.

3  Regular exercise and meditation - Yoga is one of Elen's Favourites

4  Plenty of Sleep - Elen has noticed that while taking MitoQ supplements
her sleep has improved.

5  Elen has just discovered Jason Vale's Juice Retreats 
where you stay in either Turkey or Portugal, 
have Juices 3 times a day, and do up to 6 hours of exercise and meditation.
You come back feeling totally refreshed, energised
and with a re-educated way of eating and exercising.

Jason Vale's Juicy Oasis

Above: Juice Master: Jason Vale

Check out his Testimonials Alesha Dixon, Samantha Womack,
 Ashley Roberts, Abi Titmus,
JB Gill from JLS, Beverly Knight, Gemma Atkinson, 
Verity Geere and Alison Hammond

Above: Jason Vale's Retreat in  Portugal

Elen Rivas

MitoQ is a patented antioxidant that targets the mitochondria, 
our cellular power plant, to support optimal cell
 function and heart, liver and brain health. 
MitoQ also boosts energy, and reduces the cellular 
free radical damage that, over time, causes us to age and can manifest as disease.
Levels of Cellular CoQ (aka CoQ10, ubiquinone or ubiquinol) 
decline from age 20, so many people supplement 
with CoQ to assist energy levels, to support certain
 health conditions, and when taking medicines that 
deplete CoQ (like statins for heart disease). 
Unfortunately, most CoQ formulas do not reach 
the mitochondria at levels that are needed.
MitoQ is different. It has been designed to 
replenish antioxidant levels in the mitochondria 
and in so doing assists the cell with repair and 
regular function, and acts as an antioxidant 
reservoir to reduce the damage that 
excess free radicals cause to DNA and cell membranes.
MitoQ, when taken with a good diet and regular exercise, 
will support healthy aging.
To learn more about MitoQ, mitochondria, 
aging, and the use of MitoQ to support health 
conditions associated with mitochondrial 
dysfunction or high levels of oxidative stress, visitMitoQ University.
Supplement facts:
Adult dose: 2 capsules each morning.
Do not exceed dose unless directed by your physician. 
Consult your physician if you are pregnant or nursing.

MitoQ® Anti-aging Serum supports healthy skin cell function.
MitoQ® protects cells from the increasing oxidative stress 
associated with age and returns skin cells to optimal function. 
MitoQ® supports youthful collagen and elastin production 
- the key building blocks of healthy skin.
The result: MitoQ® Anti-aging Serum is an 
effective anti-wrinkle product that reduces 
the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, 
skin becomes denser, firmer and age spots fade.
MitoQ® Anti-aging Serum has been formulated 
in a hypoallergenic fragrance free base 
designed to fit in with your regular beauty regimen.
Simply apply two to three pumps to your face, 
neck and décolletage morning and night after 
cleansing for younger looking skin in as few as 6 weeks.
MitoQ® Anti-aging Serum makes a perfect 
night cream and combines well with sunscreens
 and moisturizers for all day skin repair and protection.
One bottle of MitoQ® lasts between 8 and 10 weeks 
and results improve with continued use.

Until next time J Xx

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