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Dolce and Gabbana Summer Glow Collection for Summer 2014! Xx

The base of the Summer Glow collection is
the brand new Bronzer Duos which give the skin
a lightly bronzed look with warm gold and amber lights.

These are two bronzers combined in one product
that come in two shade combinations:

Natural Bronze which is Cashmere and Sunshine 
– and Deep Bronze – that combines Desert and Bronze shades.

Glow Bronzing Powder in Natural Bronze 

Glow Bronzing Powder in Deep Bronze 


“They can be used as two separate products: the lighter 
shade can be used to highlight cheeks, and the darker tone 
can be used in the hollow of the cheeks to contour the face. 
It can also be used as a bronzer: blend the two colours 
to create a third shade to set the foundation and illuminate the face,” 
explains Pat McGrath, Dolce and Gabbana Make up Creative Advisor.
Dolce and Gabbana's Make up Creative Advisor
Pat McGrath

For the eyes there are two new Eyeshadow Quad palettes  
Ibiza, featuring a deep purple, dark green, pale green and pale gold.
Above: Ibiza Eyeshadow Quad 

Above: SS14 Dolce and Gabbana

...and Tangier in warm orange and earth hues.
Smooth Eye Colour Quad palettes NEW LIMITED EDITION £39.50
Above: Tangier Eyeshadow Quad

There are two Eyeshadow Duos £31 each
Gold (below: orange gold and bronze),

and Cinnamon (below: taupe and petal pink)

The Paler iridescent colours in the Quads and duos 
create a natural fresh look ...

 ...while the darker shades can be used
to create a wonderful smoky eye - the deep cinnamon bronze
in the Gold Duo, the dark brown in the Tangier Quad,
and the Deep purple and dark Green in the Ibiza Quad.
There are endless possibilities for different Summer looks
in this Collection.

There is an eyeliner in Bronzo, to create a luminous line
either above or below the lashes and to blend
with the eyeshadows

Crayon Intense in Bronzo £18
Finish the look with Dolce and Gabbana's fabulous Mascara

The new Brow Liner in Mocha and Soft Brown £32.50

Check our piece  on this great shaping eyebrow liner 
which has a special tear-shaped nib
so you can create natural looking emphasised brows.
See below in the gorgeous look created by Pat McGrath
for the Dolce and Gabbana SS14 show.
The brows are very carefully emphasised with
the precision liner so that they look full while
still looking completely natural.

Brow Liner in Mocha and Soft Brown £32.50

 Lips are a focal point of the Summer Glow look.
Dolce and Gabbana love their lipstick 
and launched the very special Classic Cream Lipstick
in March 2014.

For the Summer Glow collection there is a lipliner 
in Soft to outline the lips
and which blends perfectly with any of the new Passion Duo Shades
named after and inspired by 5 luxurious flowers: 
Lily, Orchid, Jasmine, Lotus, and Amaryllis. 

Precision Lipliner in Soft £19 (above)

As Pat McGrath said of the Passion Duo Lipsticks
when they first launched in September 2011:
‘PASSION DUO really does offer a sensational
 proposition for high impact lips, and it achieves 
an effect that is truly distinctive,’ says make up 
artist Pat McGrath. ‘I adore the adaptability of the 
product; for me it’s really important to
be able to use a product that offers high shine 
and great moisture but has that amazing 
density of colour usually only
found in a cream lipstick.’

Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick (above)
 in the new shades of Amaryllis and Lily £26

Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick (above)
 in the new shades of Lotus, Orchid, and Jasmine £26 each
To complete this ethereal Summer Glow collection there are three 
new Nail Lacquer colours named after mythical muses 
Gaia, Maia and Daphne
A green, pink and orange shade all with a shiny bronze finish -
perfect for Summer nails.

Daphne Nail Lacquer

Gaia Nail Lacquer
Maia Nail Lacquer

Above: SS14 Dolce and Gabbana

 Make up by Pat McGrath at 
the SS14 Dolce and Gabbana show.  

Achieve this look using the Summer Glow Collection
with the palest gold from the
Ibiza quad all over the eye lid up to and over the crease
and in the inner corners of the eyes.
Then brush a line of the same colour under the eye
sweeping up to join in a V shape with another brush stroke
which is drawn under the brow to highlight the brow bone.

Use a mix of the Taupe Shade from the Cinnamon duo
and the palest peach colour from the Tangier Quad
to brush along the brow under the eyebrows
fading out towards the edge of the eye.
Draw in the brows carefully and precisely with the brow liner
in either Mocha or Soft Brown to match your colouring.
Emphasize the eyes by drawing a line close to the lashes
with Crayon Intense in Bronzo and brushing 
the lashes in several coats of Passioneyes Duo Mascara.

Use the Bronzer Duo to suit your skin to contour
your face on temples, hairline, in cheek hollows, around
chin line and neck, and use a trio of blushes -
Rose Bud, Apricot and Peach to finish.
Lips are a mix of Passion Duo in Amaryllis and Orchid
for that perfect red/pink stain.

Check also Pat McGrath's Version

Dolce and Gabbana Summer Glow 2014 Collection
available exclusively at Harrods

Until next time J Xx

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