Monday, 12 May 2014

Dior Cruise Show 2015 in New York! Xx

Raf Simons the Artistic Director of 
Christian Dior has blended American Style
with European sensibility and 'presents a 
subtle abstracted view of the two combined'
for the Dior Cruise Show White flag: 
 A distillation of American Style 
transformed into a pure, new form for Dior.
The show was held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard 
on the banks of the East River.
The strip of water flows to meet the Hudson and has 
an iconic view of Manhattan Island. 
Guests were transported on a special Dior Water Taxi
 The interior had mirror and LED reflected 
animations of fluid floating scarves
echoing and abstracting the outside world.

 DIOR Cruise 2015 Runway Show on the banks 
of of the East River NY

The Dior River Taxi

Katia Toledano, Sidney Toledano
disembarking from the Dior River Taxi

The Location
 The Runway

The DIOR Dinner after the Show

'America is a constant inspiration for me" says Raf Simons.
 "The pop culture, the energy, the fluidity ..
there is just something so alive here. What I always like in America 
is that there is such a melting post of styles.  
But there is always a look - a strong look. 
Whether it is uptown or downtown,
East or West coast, there is always a strength 
and reality to how women dress here"
The Silk Scarf or French carre is the centre of the collection 
- 'The flag of the Collection.
Used for the construction of garments. 

Scarf wrapped shoes and jewellery.
We can still can see the traditional couture constructions, 
with pleats and godets and tailored suiting.
American homespun crafts such as macrame: 

patchwork furs,
suede hand woven fabrics for tailoring.
And a fabulous mix of prints.
We loved the peep toe laced up ankle boots.

"I wanted an element of playfulness in powerful looks, 
it was an element of freedom coming into
those looks' explains Raf Simons. "This freedom is something 
I admire in the way particular American
women dress. And I feel a really strong energy coming 
from American women in their response to the work I 
am doing at Dior - and historically to the response
 America had to the work of Christian Dior himself. 
 It is a reciprocal relationship and I wanted to return that feeling"

Take a look at the whole Show here:

The Following Celebrities Attended the Show:

Adäle Exarchopoulos

Allison Williams

Ana Khouri

Chiara Mastroianni-Charlotte Chesnis

Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis

 Hanneli Mustaparta
 Harley Viera Newton
Harvey Weinstein

Helena Christensen

 Laetitia Casta

Laura Love

Lauren Santo Domingo

Lazaro Hernandez-Jack McCollough

Leelee Sobieski

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Marion Cotillard

Nicola Peltz


Ruth Wilson

Shirin von Wulffen

Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

Zuzana Stivinova

Adele Exarchopoulos, Marion Cotillard

Allison Williams

 Chiara Mastroianni

Elizabeth von Guttman

 Hanneli Mustaparta
 Helena Christensen

Leelee Sobieski, Maggie Gyllenhaal

 Leelee Sobieski
 Margot Robbie
 Marion Cotillard
 Nicola Peltz

Olivia Palermo

 Raf Simons
 Ruth Wilson
 Sidney Toledano, Marion Cotillard

Susie Lau

Tonne Goodman, Helena Christensen, Patrick Dermarchelier

Until next time J Xx

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