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Fashion and Cinema - Valentino: The Last Emperor Dir. Matt Tyrnauer! Xx

Joana Granero of Fashion and Cinema interviewed Dir. Matt Tyrnauer, 
before the screening of The Last Emperor that was shown at Cine Lumiere
on 9 April 2014 as part of the Fashion and Cinema Festival.
Matt was very candid in his interview which was extremely refreshing
for anything involving fashion.  
He said when he showed Valentino and Giancarlo the 
cut of the movie they both looked as if they had escaped from mental hospital. 

They left in their Twin Bentleys in
a mood resembling something like
Cages aux folles meets the Mafia.

He was to receive many threats saying that the film 
was terrible, offensive, and defamatory
and it was to be changed immediately and they had ways of
making people do things. 

Valentino and Giancarlo made a long list of 
everything offensive in the film.

Matt had somehow got them to sign a waiver form
which allowed him complete creative control
so that he did not have to change and thing
and he resolutely and bravely stood his ground.

When the film received a 10 min standing ovation 
at the Premiere Valentino gave the Mussolini salute 
and at that moment immediately fell in love with the film.

Valentino had really wanted a film of
'Celebrities who Valentino knows and what they think of him'.
But Matt didn't want to make a movie that he would love, he wanted
to make cinema verite - a movie about his relationship with Giancarlo,
and of Valentino confronting the end of his career.

He had to have a strong strategy to keep the project alive.

Valentino and Giancarlo quit film on daily basis just to freak him out. 
 The key was to show no emotion because 
he knew they were screwing with him.

He wasn't to fall for their cy ops tactics.  
He had to stand up to them and not burst into tears.

He watched the volcanic fights they had with each other.
The Plates that were broken, the threats and withstanding 
not being invited to parties - the ultimate snub.

This is definitely a fashion movie like you 
have never seen before - a look into
an extremely long lasting label in what is a very cut throat business.
As Matt says Valentino - Giancarlo are great movie stars
and deserve the screen time.

They were followed around with camera for 2 years 
and Matt thought they would not like the way they looked, 
but apparently the first problem for Valentino and Giancarlo

was seeing their relationship laid bare.  
For Southern Italian men seeing this analysed 
was devastating, and very scary.   
However at the Premiere of the film they saw 
how they were received, accepted and loved 
and that strengthened them.

After the release of the film Matt met Valentino for lunch in New York.

After lunch Valentino said
'Lets take a walk down Madison Ave  
- you will see how famous Valentino is'

Matt Tyrnauer

At the Vanity Fair Party before the Screening
Charles Morgan, Nancy Dell'olio and Jenny Palmer
Charles Morgan, Nancy Dell'olio, Jenny Palmer and Peter Ogunsalu
 Nancy Dell'olio, Peter Ogunsalu and Joana Granero

Charles Morgan, Nancy Del'ollio, Peter Ogunsalu and Kiera Morgan

Moza Qoba and Emma Guest
Kiera Morgan, Peter Ogunsalu and Linda Hugo from Calleija Jewellers
 Mason Smillie with Tolula Adeyemi
Charles Marsden-Smedley (right) Chairman of John Smedley

Lisa Redman and Amelia

Mimoza Qoba, Jenny Palmer and Emma Guest
Joana Granero, Charles Morgan and Kiera Morgan

The Peroni Cocktails

Moza Qoba and Emma Guest
The Fashion and Cinema Fiat

Stills from the movie:

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