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Fashion & Cinema Festival 5-13 April 2014! Xx

Fashion and Cinema in media Partnership with Vanity Fair
are arranging another series of events, on-stage conversations, 
seminars and screenings 
exploring the relationship between fashion and cinema.

This time it is from 5-13 April and their focus is Italian Fashion and Cinema.
Check out the events below and click on the links to book.
Anita Ekberg in Fellini's La Dolce Vita

Joana Granero by the Morgan
at the Audrey Hepburn Fashion and Cinema Event September 2013

Italy is known for its centuries-long culture of la bellezza and a style 
which has come to be identified by its people's creativity and highest-quality craftsmanship.
 Italian Fashion and Cinema looks at some key highlights from 
1960 in the country's extremely intricate and rich story of style.
Fashion and Cinema will explore the allure of two key films, L'avventura and La dolce vita. 
Both of them released in 1960, they meant a change in the perception 
of Italy by international audiences, showing a newly sophisticated style and fashion. 
After the post-war gloom and the realism portrayed in the most appreciated 
cinema of the 1950s, Italy would now be perceived as a country 
with a style and a beauty of its own.

Joana Granero, Director

On Saturday 5 April it kicks off at the Victoria and Albert Museum
with Ferragamo: Footwear Fashion and Film
A Seminar in Three parts about Italian aesthetics 
and Ferragamo's associations to film.

With Dr Giuliana Pieri from Royal Holloway at University of London
Stefania Ricci Director of the the Ferragamo Museum in Florence.

£25, conc. £15, students £10
Victoria and Albert Museum,The Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture TheatreCromwell Road, London SW7 2RL

      South Kensington

Ivo Meldolesi. Salvatore Ferragamo and Sophia Loren 
at the Open Gate Club in Rome, 1955, 
courtesy Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, Florence.

Monday 7 April 7.00 pm Cine Lumiere

On Stage Interview with Ennio Capasa from CoSTUME NATIONAL

Ennio Capasa will join fashion writer Camilla Morton 
for a unique on-stage interview, illustrated with images, about his career, his relationship with cinema and his interests.

Ennio Capasa

Camilla Morton 

£10, conc. £8
Ciné Lumière, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT
      South Kensington

Tuesday 8 April 8.30 pm
at the Curzon Mayfair

 The Director An Evolution in Three Acts
dir. Christina Voros, with Frida Giannini, James Franco | USA | 2013 | 96 min | col | doc| cert. tba 
In English and Italian with English subtitles

In 2004 Frida Giannini joined the house of Gucci as Head of Women's Accessories. Two years later she was promoted to be the Creative Director, reviving Gucci's Florentine roots, with a focus on sensuality, sophistication, Italian craftmanship and youthful freshness. This collaboration between producer James Franco and filmmaker and cinematographer Christina Voros looks at the work of a creative woman juggling the balance between shyness and public exposure, exceptional talent and self-effacement, career and personal life. This film is a must-see for fashion lovers, as well as being an informative documentary on the dynamics behind one of the most successful fashion brands – and the dreams of the people behind it.
This screening is a premiere in the UK and will be preceded by an on-stage conversation with filmmaker Christina Voros.

£20, conc. £15

Curzon Mayfair

38 Curzon Street

London W1J 7TY

      Green Park

Dir. Matt Tyrnauer, with Valentino Garavani, Giancarlo Giammetti | USA | 2008 | 96 min | col | doc | cert. 12 | In English, French and Italian with English subtitles
With unprecedented access, for over two years writer Matt Tyrnauer followed the supremely glamorous existence of what is one of the most stable and enduring partnerships in the fashion world: that of designer Valentino Garavani and his business partner and companion Giancarlo Giammetti. This documentary examines the empire they created together, with its ultimate aim of attaining beauty. Valentino is informative and dynamic, as well as tender, fascinating and hugely fun. Tyrnauer's film offers a unique glimpse into a fertile partnership, as well as the end of an era and - essentially - a love story.
Followed by a Q and A with director Matt Tyrnauer

Valentino: The Last Emperor (2008)

£12, conc. £10
Ciné Lumière, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT
      South Kensington

Thursday 10 April 6.15 pm Cine Lumiere 

Dir. Michelangelo Antonioni, with Monica Vitti, Gabrielle Ferzetti, Lea Massari | Italy/France | 1960 | 143 min | b and w | cert. PG | In Italian with English subtitles
A meditation on love and its transience, L'avventura follows the search for Anna, who disappears on a boat trip to the Aeolian Islands in the South of Italy. During the search, Anna's best friend, Claudia, becomes attracted to Sandro, the former's boyfriend. Adriana Berselli's costumes for the film, and the way they blend in with the landscape, are key to understanding the characters and the emptiness and futility around them.
The film will be preceded by an introduction
£8, conc. £6
Ciné Lumière, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT
      South Kensington

     Sunday 13 April 4.30 pm Cine Lumiere

La Dolce Vita

Dir. Federico Fellini, with Marcello Mastroianni, Anouk Aimée, Anita Ekberg | Italy/France | 1960 | 
174 min | b and w | cert. 12A | In Italian with English subtitles

La dolce vita captures the economic renaissance and modernisation of Italy while portraying the internal travails of journalist Marcello, who is torn between his nights out with Rome's elite, and the infatuated love and conventional life offered by his girlfriend – all the while struggling to be a serious writer. The film's costumes – which won Piero Gherardi the Academy Award for Best Costume Design in Black and White – portray a sophisticated, expensively dressed and sensually alluring Marcello, as well as an elegantly feline Anouk Aimée wearing black dresses and cat's-eye sunglasses, and an impossibly glamorous Anita Ekberg.
The film will be preceded by an introduction
£8, conc. £6
Ciné Lumière, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT
      South Kensington

La Dolce Vita (1960)

Trevi Fountain Scene


The restoration of La dolce vita has been made possible by Gucci as part of a longstanding commitment to restore and preserve significant films through the work of The Film Foundation.
Restored by Cineteca di Bologna at L'Immagine Ritrovata Laboratory in association with The Film Foundation, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia-Cineteca Nazionale, Pathé, Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé, Mediaset-Medusa, Paramount Pictures and Cinecittà Luce.
Restoration funding provided by Gucci and The Film Foundation

June 2012

Peter Ogunsalu and Girls from Calieja Jewellers
Above: Peter Ogunsalu the Branding Director at Fashion and Cinema
with the Audrey Hepburn Morgan September 2013

There have also been Events exploring the relationship in cinema with
Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel

Fashion and Cinema with the support of:

Special Vanity Fair offer for Fashion and Cinema: 10 issues for £10! 

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    Beginning with the June issue, out May 2014. 

    Until next time  J Xx

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