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The Screening of 'The Return' at Chanel Métiers d'Art Paris Dallas Collection! Xx

Karl Lagerfeld's new Film ‘The Return’, 
was screened on 10th December in Dallas
at a drive-in seated in a fleet of vintage cars

Geraldine Chaplin at the Screening of 'the Return'

Geraldine CHAPLIN wore a black and bronze silk dress, look 69,
 from the Spring/Summer 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection. 
She was wearing a black tweed coat, black leather pumps, 
black leather Causse gloves and carrying a black leather clutch.

In “The Return”, Karl Lagerfeld retraces the steps CHANEL’s 
formidable founder took to reopen the doors 
of her eponymous fashion house in 1954.

Sitting in the storied surrounds of her apartment, with cigarette in hand, 
Gabrielle Chanel began by placing a call to then Harper's Bazaar editor, 
Carmel Snow, announcing her intentions.

Take a look at the 25 minute film here:

Fifteen years had passed since Gabrielle Chanel last 
wielded her signature scissors 
and measuring tape and she longed to return to couture. 
She was disappointed and disillusioned by the 
output of the fashion houses 
that had sprung up during her hiatus from fashion. 
Having liberated women and their wardrobes decades earlier, 
she could not understand this return to corsetry and what
 she considered to be unnecessary extravagance. 
Gabrielle Chanel believed that a woman was uniquely 
equipped to dress women – she would remedy this lacking 
by staging her comeback show in rue Cambon on February 5th, 1954.

Gabrielle Chanel was now seventy-one but while age 
had not affected her confidence the French press would. 
The collection was greeted with little fanfare in her home country
 – receiving scathing reviews. But her efforts were not entirely thankless
 with much praise coming from across the Atlantic.
 Vowing to continue, in the face of her critics, but with the support
 of the American buyers and press, her star would soar – again.
Gabrielle Chanel’s 1958 collection cemented her return. 
Suddenly the wool and tweed jackets and suits, 
that had been dismissed as dated, had become both the founder’s and 
the house’s signature style. CHANEL had also introduced its first bag and shoes
 – the 2.55 quilted classic and the two-tone pumps. 

By the end of the 1950’s Gabrielle Chanel had become 
the couturiere of choice for the stars of both society and the screen.
 Hollywood was calling with actresses coveting Mademoiselle’s designs. 
Closer to home Delphine Seyrig wore the “little black dress”
 in her 1961 movie, L’Année Dernière à Marienbad.

In the Return Anna Mouglalis embodies 
the French actress Delphine Seyrig, and Gabrielle
gets her to read out a letter/poem from Boy Capel that she
keeps in her love pocket
'Dear Coco
Here is the best of my hand and the best of me
I offer it thus to you with my heart, with my hand.
We are heading towards the dark roads end.
If condemned, if pardoned, know that you are loved'

Jamie Bochert plays Mademoiselle's PA

Pictures of Delphine Seyrig herself in 
 'Last Year at Marienbad' by Alan Resnais 1961
for which Chanel designed the costumes.

In the closing scenes of The Return, Gabrielle Chanel reveals 
herself to one man, a journalist played by Rupert Everett, 
and he alone asks the questions few others seem willing to pose.
He reminds her that America is the country that rediscovered her.
And comments 'You are so charming that even men who don't like women
fall under your spell' 
She tells him: 'A woman that has never been loved 
and who is not loved is lost, in fact as good as dead'
Karl Lagerfeld brings this hard-won period of Gabrielle
 Chanel’s life alive, shooting in the historic private
 apartments of rue Cambon and in historically accurate 
sets that beautifully re-imagine the famous salon and atelier below.
Above: the picture of Gabrielle on her own in her Atelier shows that she
had to have absolute strength of character and belief in herself to carry on,
against all the pressure of negative Parisian Press.

“Geraldine Chaplin is astonishing” declares Rupert Everett 
of his co-star and the woman immortalising Gabrielle Chanel 
in Karl Lagerfeld’s latest movie about the 
couturiere and her famed fashion House.

Karl Lagerfeld has recreated the storied and historical 
settings of Gabrielle Chanel’s rue Cambon salon and 
atelier in a movie studio on the outskirts of Paris where 
he has united a cast of familiar faces to 
retell the rebirth of the House of CHANEL in 1954.

Clearly all the cast relish their roles - first among them,
 Geraldine Chaplin: “I love playing Coco. But I especially 
love working with Karl because he is the funniest 
and most brilliant director. 
I am such an admirer of his work (…) I am in seventh even”, 
a sentiment echoed by all on-set, with Rupert Everett adding that 
“he’s an incredible character, and actually an energy enhancer. 
His enthusiasm for what he does is extremely catching”. 
Amanda Harlech comments on the original casting choices 
– a cocktail of professional actors, models and non-actors 
which makes for a powerful mix on set “Karl has an extraordinary telepathic eye. 
I think it’s always like the X-ray that sees right through 
to the heart of people, he sees right through to their potential”. 
Meanwhile, Rupert Everett bestows all the credit to Karl Lagerfeld’s 
choice of leading lady saying of Geraldine Chaplin’s performance 
as Gabrielle Chanel “I don’t think anyone is going to be able to 
quite get up to her level because she’s just done something, 
or Karl’s done something, or the two of them have done something!”.

A myriad of extras appear alongside long-time collaborators,
 including Amanda Harlech, who makes many a cameo 
as Bettina Ballard, the American Vogue fashion-editor 
who championed Gabrielle Chanel stateside,

Above: Amanda Harlech as Bettina Ballard

 “she was the one who absolutely believed in Chanel 
because she really had an eye (…) she completely championed 
Gabrielle’s work (…) and she was practically the only one. 
Bettina was really a lonely voice who said, that’s great, 
that is modern, that is chic and she was the one who brought it, 
in her writing, across the pond to America and possibly 
made the whole thing happen.” 

 Arielle Dombasle plays a uniquely Parisian socialite and tastemaker 
who is not easily convinced of Mademoiselle Chanel’s
 latest offerings. 
Even hair stylist Sam McKnight 
puts his brush aside to step in front of the camera 
as François, Gabrielle Chanel's butler.

Sam McKnight as François, Gabrielle Chanel's butler

As Karl Lagerfeld said at the end of one evening of filming
 “It’s quite a production, no?” 

Take a look at everyone at the Screening:
 Kristen Stewart and Karl Lagerfeld
Kristen is the face of Paris Dallas.

 Kristen STEWART wore orange lambskin pants with 
grey and navy cashmere pullovers, look 42,
 from the Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection.

 Alexa CHUNG wore a navy tweed coat from the Spring/Summer 
2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection. She was carrying a black leather bag.

Lynn Wyatt 

From's interview with Lynn who actually met
Coco on a visit to Paris:

Karl Lagerfeld likes to call you his "favorite Texan". What does this mean to you?
I don't know! Like a lot of Texan women, I'm independent and I have a very can-do spirit, I'm athletic… It's a delicate subject to speak about oneself. (Laughs)
Share your encounter with Coco Chanel…
I met her once during a visit to Paris, during which my husband took me to the Haute Couture fittings. I appreciate the Métiers d'Art more than anything and all of the seamstresses that create these magical dresses.  Mademoiselle came into the room and said,"Oh, so you're the Texan!" I burst into laughter. I replied, "Oh, Mademoiselle, I'm just so honored to shake your hand. I’m just such a fan of yours.I’m so happy that you choose things that I love". The moment only lasted three minutes, but it is engraved in my memory!
Lynn Wyatt, you have met so many incredible people in your lifetime! Andy Warhol, who did your portrait, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Truman Capote…
(Laughs) You know, I'm very grateful for my life. For me, the most important things in existence are family, friends and fun! I am lucky to have met such incredible friends.
 But I have a special feeling about Karl…

Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea
 Alexia Niedzielski

Atlanta DE CADENET wore pink tweed jacket and skirt,
 look 28, from the Fall/Winter 2013/14 Ready-to-Wear Collection. 
She was carrying a pink leather bag.
Laura Love

 Audrey Gelman

Chan MARSHALL (Cat Power) wore a long navy silk coat. 
She was wearing transparent resin and metal bracelets and a brooch
 China Chow
 Dakota FANNING wore a rose, blue and black 
silk chiffon origami dress, look 46,
 from the the Fall/Winter 2013/14 Haute-Couture Collection. 

flannel coat and skirt,
 look 12, from the Fall/Winter 2013/14 Ready-to-Wear Collection. 
She was carrying a white embroidered leather bag.

Giovanna Battaglia 

 Harley VIERA NEWTON wore a pink tweed dress, look 16, 
from the Fall/Winter 2013/14 Act 1 Ready-to-Wear Collection.
 She was carrying a pink metal and leather bag.

Jen Brill

 Jessica Joffe

 Kiko Mizuhara

Lauren HUTTON wore a khaki tweed jacket with 
red wool trimmings,
 look 17, from the Paris-Edimbourg Collection 
with over the knee black leather boots. 
 Leigh LEZARK wore a black wool dress, look 70, from the
 Fall/Winter 2013/14 Ready-to-Wear Collection. She was carrying 
a metal jeweled bag and wearing black and golden leather pumps.

Lily COLLINS wore a v-neckline dress embroidered with 
pink and grey painted sequins with a grey suede skirt, look 3, 
and grey suede high boots, all from the Fall/Winter 2013/14 
Haute-Couture Collection. 
Chanel Fine Jewelry: "Plume de CHANEL" earring 
in 18-karat white gold and diamonds 

Liz Goldwyn 

Miroslava DUMA wore a navy, black and white 
wool sweater, look 6, 
from the Cruise 2013/14 Collection. 
She was wearing a pearl choker.

Nasiba Adilova

Poppy DELEVINGNE wore a black and grey wool coat, look 4,
 from the Fall/Winter 2013/14 Ready-to-Wear Collection 
over a white and blue sequins embroidered top, look 55,
 from the Cruise 2013/14 Collection. She was wearing 
black leather gaiters and boots, 
and carrying a black cotton bag.

Zoe KRAVITZ wore a white silk jacket with a long black tweed skirt.
 She was wearing a strass cuff and carrying a black leather bag. 
Chanel Fine Jewelry: "Cascade de Diamants" ring in 18-karat white gold, 
black and white diamonds and "Comète" ring in 18-karat white gold and diamonds

Until next time J Xx

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