Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kirsten Goss x Sophie Stephens @ 29 Holland Street! Xx

We went down to the Kensington Boutique
of Jewellery Designer Kirsten Goss 
 29 Holland Street Kensington W8 4NA
on Wednesday 4 December.

Jenny Palmer and Kirsten Goss

Kirsten was hosting the 11th Birthday and launch of 'Eleven the New Era' 
celebratory collection of cutting edge jewellery design 
with Illustrator Sophie Stephens 

Sophie Stephens and Kirsten Goss

Sophie Stephens had drawn illustrations to line the whole wall
of Kirsten's Boutique.

Britta Kjerkegaard (right) of the Couture Gallery Ltd

There were wicked Christmas Cocktails including 
the good ol Marguerita and fab canapes

Sophie Stephens designed an infamous T Shirt range with Henry Holland


and Photographer Extraordinaire Terry! Xx
Here is her amazing Selfridges Window
and drawing on Kirsten's wall by hand! Xx

Sophie's fabulous Kirsten Goss Rings

We had our portraits taken by Sophie in front of this 
feather frame. She is busily
working on them right now (watch this space)! Xx

Take a look at the Kirsten Goss
Eleven the New Era Range here:

 Our favourite earrings:

… and more of Sophie's marvellous drawings! Xx

Until next time J Xx

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