Thursday, 5 December 2013

Karl Lagerfeld's new film 'The Return' ! Xx

So here is a trailer of 'The Return'
the much anticipated
 new film by Karl Lagerfeld
to be shown
at the the next Métiers d'Arts collection Paris-Dallas
on 10 December
The film starring Geraldine Chaplin retraces the steps of Gabrielle Chanel as 
she re-opened her couture house in 1954. 


The Return will be shown in Dallas on December 10th 2013 
at 6.30pm local time and on 

Lagerfeld and Chaplin create
 a wonderful portrait of Gabrielle.
Chaplin looks to have really studied how Coco smoked
those cigarettes while working...

'This collection is not about fun - it's about
giving a new modern look to fashion'

We see how Chanel does not care about being laughed at,
and her absolute unwavering confidence:
 'We will start again - because I know I am right'
 The 1954 Couture Collection

At the Press Conference after the Couture Show 
the Journalist wants to ask 'some very serious questions'

Coco: 'I don't answer serious questions
I hate serious questions'

Journalist: 'You talk a lot about fashion'
Coco: 'I talk about style - I talk about my style'

So watch this space for the whole film
and the Métiers d'Arts collection Paris-Dallas

Sparkle Style can't wait …

btw the music is Poulenc
Sonata for Oboe and Piano: II. 

Until next time J Xx

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