Thursday, 28 November 2013

Watch Out for The Red Lace Dress! Xx

Scarlett Johansson, looking as hot as ever
 is wearing the most gorgeous red lace 
dress on the cover of Marie Claire this month.

Scarlett's dress is by the inimitable Dolce and Gabbana

You can get yours at Matches £1,790

You can see below where this Red Dress fever
is coming from - the AW13/14 Dolce and Gabbana Show

- Here are some other ideas for red lace dresses.
My favourites are the Bardot line dress, the Embellished Red
Lace dress from ASOS and the embellished dress from Monsoon.

Go try them for yourself and check out your favourite.
If it doesn't fit and make you look good,
after all that is what good design is all about -

So Marks and Spencer has tried their hand at one of these dresses, and here
is Rosie Huntington Whiteley one of the highest paid
models ever wearing it for them on the cover of the latest
issue of the in house magazine ...

Be Afraid … be very afraid of this dress from Marks and Spencer
from their new range.
I was very excited about this dress, 
thinking that at last I could own something from
good ol' M and S again, and a breakthrough would have been made.
I ran in to my local store in Kingston to try one on,
eager to support the store.
(No, I haven't seen anything else in the collection
that I like - not even the Pink Coat)

Unfortunately it is made out of awful scratchy
unforgiving fabric with no stretch.
Yes - absolutely NO GIVE.

This is cut for straight up and down model figures 
with absolutely no hips.  The 12 fitted my arms and 34DD bust perfectly
but would not reach around my hips (which are normally a size 12)
added to fact that it has a zip all the way up the back
(some of the dresses in SS14 have this design feature too) 
that starts at the bottom hem.
Unless you have an arm that stretches to almost the floor - you will
not be reaching to get yourself zipped into this dress.
The size 14 fitted perfectly over my bottom,
but was completely baggy everywhere else - it looked like a flour sack,
but in red, straight up and down loads of material
 round the waist, bust and sleeves.
The kind old lady who had zipped me in
let out a sort of gasp that spoke volumes of
'Doesn't do nothing for you - I'd take it off right now'.
Not really the result you need from a brilliantly designed
dress with a £95 price tag.

This is bearing in mind we are in an age where we can buy 
Paige, 7 For All Mankind, Hudson
and J Brand etc jeans, 
who use groundbreaking materials that shape and thin
and hug our bodies to make us feel good about ourselves.
 And here I am 
in Marks and Spencer who have the nerve to chat
about Magic and Sparkle, while
making me feel and look about as attractive
as a camel in their severely lacking designs.


I am 50 years old, and I have to shop in Topshop to get
any semblance of Style and Comfort, at a reasonable price.

Before I leave this rant about what should be one of our most loved stores,
something I can never forgive M and S for is employing Annie Leibovitz
one of my favourite ever photographers.  
I mean I have been enjoying
and admiring her group shots of Hollywood Characters on the covers of 
Vanity Fair (as everyone has) for years.
They are some of the most enduring iconic images.

How can they reduce these:


The latest group pictures which have 
served as advertisements for so called M and S Style
 have just simply failed in my opinion.
All those lovely people who took part in that shoot
look distinctly lack lustre, wooden and worried.
They have lost all verve, spontaneity and je ne sais quoi (exactement).
No Magic and Sparkle there.
Indeed 'ONLY M and S' could take all the style out of Annie Leibovitz,
and everyone involved.  

Until next time J Xx


  1. Jenny, I am a freind of Blez and saw his FB comment. I am a similar vintage and up until about 3 or 4 years ago only really shopped at M&S. Still like the look of their clothes but don't buy them anymore. Collars wear through in a couple of months, underwear looses shape within a couple of hours of putting them on and casual clothes loose their shape after a couple of months. They seem to think that their customers are driven by price. Price is important but actually their prices are not that low but I think like you quality is what M&S used to stand for but not anymore. A fantastic household name that was a byword for quality but no more.