Friday, 8 November 2013

Scarlett Johansson on Esquire US and Colour by Cinta Miller @ Fudge! Xx

 So Scarlett Johansson has been voted the Sexiest Woman Alive
again by US Esquire and she looks amazing on the Cover

Check the
Photographs by Vincent Peters
Interview by Tom Chiarella

Take a look at the film too:

I adored what Oribe had done with Scarlett's hair so much
that I thought I would try and do the same with my hair.
The colour is so rich with all the different shades of chocolate
and highlighted with creamy honey and platinum.
The style is dead straight at the roots with a deep lustrous curl 
throughout that shows the depth of colour.
My hair is not nearly long enough, and I am not nearly gorgeous enough,
but we can dream - lol ! Xx
So I called my amazing friend the brilliant Cinta Miller
at the the Fudge HQ in St Martins Lane London 
who said she would transform
my hair in their exclusive Salon and Spa Suite - Yay!! Xx

This is how she did it: 
" I worked bleached slices out from the underneath
 working around the head in a spiral section pattern. 
And also from the hairline back making the high lites gradually 
finer as I worked back a few inches back.  
Fudge colours 6.0 and 6.1 were used to create cool 
and deep toned roots all over... 
this was done by putting colour of the root area 
and smudging it into the right length 
leaving the end colour free and exposed. 
As your hair had a lot of warmth I used fudge colour 9.2
 to tone ends after the first shampoo. 
(Using Smooth Shot Shampoo below left)

Hair was round brush blow dryed using fudge mega milk (above right)
 and the set using babyliss pro curlers. 
I glided through the hair with fudge gloss (below left)

and teased ends upwards using my fingers
 to create volume and texture.
 This was fixed into place using the
 infamous fudge membrane gas (above right)"
 Outside the Salon and Spa Suite at PZ Cussons
with the Amazing Cinta Miller

Until next time J Xx

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