Friday, 8 November 2013

Karen Nicol: Singerie @ the Rebecca Hossack Gallery! Xx

We went down to the Rebecca Hossack Gallery on Charlotte Street
for Karen Nicol's Exhibition Singerie and
enjoyed Jamaican and Moscow Mules,
and the best Mai Tais I have ever tasted.

Singerie is the French word for 'monkey trick':
 a  historical genre in which artists satirically 
depict monkeys wearing fashionable dress.
 In this exhibition, Karen delights in the irony of
clothing her animals in couture skins,
in response to humans dressing themselves in animal pelts. 
 In doing so, Karen pushes embellishment 
beyond the realms of Couture into Art.  
The pieces are frames in Glossy white, vintage gold painted wooden 
frames and perspex box frames.

Above:  Jenny Palmer and Karen Nicol

Karen Nicol has long been recognised in 
the fashion industry for her extraordinary textile
creations.  In the past few years, she 
has worked with John Rocha, Clements Ribeiro,
Chloe and Matthew Williamson, 
and has worked in interiors for clients such
as Anthropologie and Designers Guild.

My absolute favourite was
Head in the Clouds Embroidery 90 x 80 x 4 cm

Karen's work is painstakingly detailed,
and each monkey has a lyrical character all of it's own.
The colours, textures and patterns are of amazing depth
and truly beautiful to study.

Take a look at some of our other favourites
and make sure you catch this great exhibition
at 82 Charlotte Street London W1 on until 30 November.

You can buy Greetings Cards too with a selection of the images £3 each.

 Monkey King Fabric Stitches on Tweed with Gold Metal and Diamante 
100 x 73 x 3 cm

Monkey Suit Hand Cut Film and Embroidery 90 x 82 x 4 cm
All at Sea 2013 Thread and Embroidery 85 x 80 x 4 cm 

Monkey from Coalbrookdale 2013 Raffia and sculptured stitch 90 x 60 x 4 cm 

Perspex Box Frame
Monkey Tricks, 2013
Stitched suede skin
90 x 60x 4 cm

 Monkey Puzzle and Friends 2013
Embroidery and Leather 90 x 65 x 4 cm

Monkey Puzzle Print, 2013 Print in white frame 84 x 60 cm

 A Powerful Guy, 2013 Vintage sequin fabric with beads 130 x 110 cm

Small Gingham Monkey, 2013
Gingham fabric stitched in white glossy ornate frame
96 x 71cm

Blue Willow, 2013 Embroidery and Crin in a white Gloss ornate Frame 90 x 60 x 4 cm

Sweetie Pie 2013 Silk and embroidery in ornate gold frame 95 x 81 x 4 cm

Crystal 2013 Cut plastic and textiles

All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go, 2013 Tamarin dressed in jewels and gold fabric

Douglas 2013 Fagotted Photographs in a Painted Carved Wooden Frame 

Here I am by 
Stringellow, 2013 String and Pearls 86 x 72 x 4 cm

At Rebecca Hossack Gallery
28 Charlotte Street
London W1t 2NA
Open 10-6 pm  Monday to Saturday
7 to 30 November 2013

Until next time J Xx

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