Monday, 3 June 2013

World War Z Premiere in London and Screening @ MOMA NYC! Xx

So Brad and Angelina were out in what what looked like LA, but
was actually the Empire, Leicester Square London for the Premiere
of his 'Big Bet' as Vanity Fair has called it - World War Z.
Angelina looked just Amazing in Saint Laurent Black Dress
and Brad in Black Suit, T Shirt and mirrored Aviators.
A Portrait of Cool.

 I have just come back from NY and saw a private screening invited by 

Brad Pitt and producer Brad Grey at MOMA
 with Joanna Jordan of Central Talent Booking.
We just Jumped out of our seats again and again,
and we felt sorry for the people next to us as we grabbed
on to their arms - and legs - for safety.
The whole cinema applauded at the extra tense bit
near the beginning where there is a narrow escape made.
And there are plenty more 'edge of seat' events.
When you see it you'll know what we mean,
that when we walked to the 21 club for the after party
we jumped out of our skin again when someone cycled by us.
Brad Grey introduced Brad Pitt at the MOMA screening
 as 'every Zombie's worst nightmare!'.
Brad is every bit the hero as Angelina is right now.
What a couple! Xx

Brad Pitt told BBC News before the London screening
 'I think it's pretty much the most intense 
film you're going to see all summer.'
And he is right - it doesn't let up all the way through.

Check the Trailer here:
On our way to MOMA NY in the Taxi

 The Screening and Reception Tickets

The glittering Private Party afterward.  Joanna was recovering from 
being scared to death in the movie,
I was all of a dither being in the same room as Brad Pitt.
We also spied Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis, Sting and Trudie among others.

 David Waldman Brad's LA Publicist, Nancy Bannister Brad's NY Publicist 
and Joanna Jordan of Central Talent Booking
 Joanna Jordan and Jenny Palmer

 Above the guys at 21 Club

 Mingling with Brad ...

Outside the 21 Club
21 West 52nd Street (Between 5th and 6th Avenues)
 and back to the Premiere in London
we are loving Brads mirrored Aviators

 Angelina is looking just fabulous - so relaxed and happy
Her Saint Laurent Dress has a low cut dress showing off her
awesome tattoos! Xx

Muse who performed later at Horse Guards Parade

 World War Z Director Marc Forster

 Mireille Enos who plays Brad Pitt's on screen wife

Mirelle Enos Director Marc Forster

 Daniella Kertesz and Mirelle Enos

  Mireille Enos, Brad Pitt and Daniella Kertesz

 Mirelle Enos and Brad Pitt

 Dexter Fletcher

 Idris Elba

Brad and Angelina with Maddox and Pax

Muse performed at Horse Guards parade:

 Brad Pitt arrives to hear Muse at the Concert specially
organised for fans at the World War Z Premiere at Horse Guards Parade
 Natasha Bedingfield
 Kimberley Wyatt
 Actor Ludi Boeken and his daughter Julia Levy-Boeken 
with Producer Dede Gardner

 Matt Bellamy of Muse

Until next time J Xx

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