Monday, 6 May 2013

Six Week Slendercise Programme with Jarod Chapman! Xx

So, Yes Folks!! It's about that time 
to work out for that Bikini Body.

I've bought the Beyonce Bikinis
and started to buy my SS 2013 Wardrobe (How is yours going?).
It is NOW time to tone up, and energise with Slendertone Ambassador 
and Celebrity Personal Trainer Jarod Chapman's 
six week Personal Training Programme.
Jarod's programme is designed to perfect your body,
 and in bite size units - so definitely not too daunting,
and no excuses not to keep to the schedule which guarantees results.  
So five times a week I have signed on the dotted line,
in other words 'Committed' to work out, and
use the Slendertone equipment for at least 20 mins,
 to Slendercise my body.  That's all it will take - not too scary huh?

Remember tho'- eating Healthily, is a necessity.
Check this link to a piece Jarod wrote for Marie Claire

Camisole with Fitted Bra  in dark Grey £45
Bamboo Foldover Pants in Dark Grey £55

Jarod Chapman
Slendertone Ambassador 
and Celebrity Personal Trainer

The Slendertone Equipment I am using in Conjuction with these Exercises
during this Six Weeks is the Arms, Abs and Bottom (see below),
so that I will see extra impressive results.

From L to R Slendertone Arms Accessory £39.99 Slendertone Abs £149 
and Slendertone Bottom £139.99

Also Check our Post:

Slendertone's Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology 
which stimulates the nerves supplying each muscle group
will tone and strengthen them deep into the core. 
 The muscles simultaneously contract and then 
relax in the same way as during normal exercise. 
So if I do exercise while wearing the device - this will augment the result. 
This is the Slendercise Effect! Xx
 I am excited to see the outcome after six weeks, 
in the targeted areas of arms, abs and bottom.

1. Deep Squats 20 (above)

Above - not so much smiling the lower down you get! lol! Xx

2. Side Lunges 10 each side
3. Kneeling Push Ups 15

 4. Dips for the Triceps 20 (above)
5. Hip thrusts 20 (above)
6. Single leg Hip Thrusts 10 each side
7. Kneeling kick backs 20 each side
 Sit (or lie) down for an hour, lol! Xx

Check the Slendertone videos on YouTube

As Jarod Chapman says in his brilliant booklet 
'be fit and fabulous, your time is now'
'Bathing yourself in positivity is integral to a fiercely fabulous life.  
Being positive is not masking underlying pains with a fake smile,
 perhaps a psychotherapist may assist the 
lifting of the veils to your unspoken truths.  
Positive living is about constructing a healthy life, 
enabling ones goals and plans, and nuturing your well-being'.

As well as 'moisturising the soul', 
the booklet also covers 
'fitness planning for successful training'
'Food planning and essential nutrients of optimum health'

Check out Jarod's Fabulous Interactive Site,

complete with Blog and Exercise Videos:
In his Introductory Video Jarod explains his belief 
as a Personal Wellness Coach, that if you have the main
Guiding principles in Place of:
Love, Truth, Honour, Integrity and Connection
'You are living the Good Life quite Frankly'.
It's that Simple! Xx

Jarod helps his Clients with all things to do with
their Health and Well Being:
 - Increasing their  with Cardiovascular Health
- Increasing their Muscular Skeletal Strength
 - Assisting them with Coordination and Stability
He is also a brilliant Massage Therapist who can 
bring your Body and Mind to a place of Calm and Connection.

Jarod has worked in Health and Wellness industry for over 10 years
has worked with people from every walk of life.
He trained as a sport and remedial massage therapist 
at Sydney's leading natural therapy college - Nature Care College, 
and then studied exercise science at the Australian Institute of Fitness.
Jarod worked with Tina Turner as her 
Personal Wellness Coach for her 50th Anniversary World Tour of 2008/9.

 I am wearing Asquith which we love, as each piece is
subtly embellished with the Asquith signature 
seven swarovski crystals which adds a welcome
bit of glamour to your exercise wear. 

Camisole with Fitted Bra  in dark Grey £45

Bamboo Foldover Pants in Dark Grey £55

Wrap Cardigan in Raspberry £55

Asquith breathable Tencel Jersey is really fine and comfortable to wear.
I love the camisole with built in bra - they are great for everyday wear,
and I have several in my wardrobe in different colours.
Originally for Yoga, Asquith can be worn for all sorts of exercise and as casual wear.

Above: the Signature Swarovski Embellishments on
the Asquith pieces.

Until next time J Xx

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