Friday, 17 May 2013

La Prairie at Selfridges, Institut de Beaute, and the Silver Rain Spa in Grand Cayman! Xx

I went to the La Prairie Counter at Selfridges to check out the
new products and were treated to the most amazing Platinum Facial
which left my skin glowing and feeling extremely nourished, radiant and glowing.

I am wearing Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation £134
which has the most amazing
light texture especially over the Platinum Moisturiser,
which guards cellular DNA and helps prevent damage.
It improves hydration, protection and receptivity to nutrients,
climate-activated moisture release, enhances the skin's suppleness,
elasticity, tone and plumps wrinkles.

I have had a La Prairie Facial before by the very Brilliant Izzy Jaffer
check our Post about Institut de Beaute

The Fantastic Izzy Jaffer with Frankie Essex from TOWIE

The Facial I had with Izzy was La Prairie Caviar Facial £110
This actively delays the effects of premature aging, 
retexturizes and helps to renew surface skin. 
It smoothes the appearance of fine dry lines and wrinkles 
with La Prairie's breakthrough Anti-Aging Intervention technology,
 while pores seem to be reduced.
 Your face will glow brighter, younger, healthier.
The best thing about Izzy's facials is that she 
literally has magic fingers - she can massage your face
 with exactly the right pressure to relieve puffiness under the eyes, 
and your back & neck allow complete relaxation.  
You come out feeling completely renewed. 

Cinta Miller, Harry Styles & Izzy Jaffer 

The La Prairie Ranges at Selfridges
At Selfridges, I was talked through all the different ranges of La Prairie, 
the Pioneer in Cellular Anti Ageing since the 1930s,
from the ultimate and legendary Platinum Range (front left)
clockwise through Cellular Radiance, Swiss Cellular White, Advanced Marine Biology (which smells heavenly), Anti Ageing, Skin Caviar to White Caviar Ranges
 including (middle) the brand new and brilliant
Cellular Power Serum (see below)

Cellular Power Serum £322

'This new strategic serum micro manages your skin's concerns 
- it is a true triple threat against ageing, ensuring synergistic defence, energy and restoration in one super-charged formula'
Dr Daniel Stangl, Director Innovation and Knowledge Management La Prairie Group

This then is a virtual bodyguard against Ageing, and a 
daily dose of energy and defence for your skin.
 Utilising a natural anti oxidant defence network 
your skin works in four phases to combat oxidative stress:

Sensing: oxidative Stress 
Protecting:  by targeting free radicals before they can cause damage
Restoring: oxidised moelcules such as proteins and DNA
 Eliminating: irresversibly damaged molecules from the skin

La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Lift £304

Marking its 25th anniversary of the launch of its 'caviar standard' of age defying skincare
La Prairie have launched Skin Caviar Liquid Lift with golden caviar pearls famous for their immediate lifting action combined with a unique recovery complex that alters the skins basic structure for long term firmness.
The pearls have the highest concentration of pure caviar extract of any skincare treatment in la Prairies caviar collection.
The Serum blends the active ingredients just before you use it to 
achieve the optimal outcome and 
 instantly transforms the look and feel of your skin.

The caviar extract derived from ecologically sound aqua farmed baerii sturgeon has unsurpassed ability to firm and tighten the skin immediately upon application. 
The new caviar beads are housed in an outer shell made of red algae that dissolves upon activation to become part of the firming action.
A new pentapeptide acts as a recovery complex 
helping to maintain the environment of the epidermal stem cells, 
preserve epidermal equilibrium and protect the skin cells from stress.

 Cellular Hydrating Serum £134

This is an Instant Solution for Dehydrated Skin

Intensely hydrating yet lightweigh serum which quenches 
the skins thirst from the moment of application.
La Prairie's Cellular Hydrating Serum has seven key ingredients
which alleviates dryness and that feeling of tightness leaving your skin feeling replenished, revitalised and more receptive to the next step of your skincare, which is what every good serum should do.

Apply 2 drops on face and neck and allow to completely dry before applying moisturiser.

Try Anti Ageing Stress Cream which is the most gorgeous light moisturiser.

Champagne and Caviar Foundation
Delicious Canapes

Enjoying the Champagne at the Selfridges La Prairie Counter

Why not check out the very luxurious La Prairie Silver Rain Spa
at the Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands
Above: the entrance to the Spa.
Above: The Silver Haven

Until next time J Xx

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  1. The spa is INCREDIBLE and blows the La Prairie spa at the Central Park Ritz out of the water. I wasn't 100% thrilled with my massage therapist, but I think it was more of a personality conflict than anything. The service itself was great and I could not have asked for better facilities. (One very minor squabble - I had run out of eye cream - yes, I am high maintenance - and the spa did not have any samples to offer.) To get more info please visit