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CHANEL 2013/14 Cruise collection in Dempsey Hill, Singapore! Xx

This Cruise Collection marks the 100th Anniversary of
Coco Chanel's 1st ever shop in Deauville. 
The night before Karl Lagerfeld screened his film 'Once Upon a Time'
starring Kiera Knightley and Clotilde Hesme at the Raffles Hotel,
telling the story of the beginnings of the Worldwide Brand
in a store for Hats and Knitwear in 1913.

Following, Venice, Saint-Tropez, Cap d’Antibes and
 the Bosquet des trois Fontaines in Versailles, 
Karl Lagerfeld showed CHANEL 2013/14 
the Cruise collection in Dempsey Hill, Singapore. 
Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel's President underlined the 
fact that with its eternal summer and it's tropical vegetation,
 Singapore is the ideal place for this Cruise Collection.

The location was Loewen Cluster, a disused military barracks

with long white-washed galleries, peeling painted walls, 
wooden ceilings, and shuttered black and white blinds. 

When Karl was talking to Alexandra Golovanoff on Chanel 
he says he has tried to mix moods from the Deauville days of 
Gabrielle Chanel in the early 1900s, 
moods from what is going on now, and the Style in Singapore. 
However he wanted to avoid anything folklore-y, retro or vintage.

Karl has definitely suceeded - as Dakota Fanning said after the show he
 'always manages to keep the Chanel legacy alive 
while keeping it cool, fresh and alive'.
We thought this seasons Cruise had a distinct Punk-Gatsby feel.
Karl has created a modern hard-edged flapper girl with short cropped hair,
electric blue eyelinered eyes in lounge and sportswear, jersey knitwear, 
tweed, lace, crepe de chine, denim, sequins,
feathers and ruffles with chunky deco x military chains, 
diamonds pearls and single drop earrings.

Karl told Alexandra Golovanoff that Cruise is not 
about travelling anymore, but that Chanel travels for it.
Chanel has been to Europe and America so now 
was time to come to the Eastern part of the World. 
Karl says that after the varied and mixed colours 
in the Metiers D'Art Paris Edinbourg Collection he wanted to 
work with a very Limited and simple Chanel palette 
of Beige, white, off-white, ivory, black, blue-marine and navy blue.  
 Karl said that with the new shapes and proportions there was enough going on
 - there was no need for other colours.

The show opened with Elegant, pared down, easy, simple lounge shapes
in cream, caramel and black knitwear.
There were extra-large trousers, long belted sweaters 
with camellias pinned at the waist, 
and two-tone pumps with a heel shaped in the form of a knot.
 There was a grey man's blazer in wool, worn with crisp white wide legged trousers
and waistcoat. 
Two-toned 'cricket player' v-neck sweaters were worn 
with perfectly pressed white shirt and tie complete with Singapore cricket bat. 
Karl designed Gabrielle Chanel navy edged white cotton trousers 
worn under breton striped tunics and
and "the new tuxedo jacket 

as a jacket in black lace over white poplin".
Ethnic printed jogging pants fitted to the ankle 

Jeans with short blazers or 

or a black tulle blazer embroidered by Lesage,
and a luxurious aviator jumpsuit in leather with zipped pockets 

also represented Gabrielle Chanel's  beloved sport-chic.

Among the new proportions and varied layered shapes are open 
dresses and skirts which give a beautiful cigarette shape.
Our favourite bag is the No 5 Perfume bottle bag (above) 
- a perfect Art Deco square shape.  
Other accessories are Mirrored Sunglasses, fingerless gloves in leather and lacquered feather and Jewellery is a juxtaposition of heavy military 
gunmetal chains with fake diamonds and of course masses of pearls. 
Karl said that this is very Chanel, as she always loved to mix the real and the fake.

There was a lot of lace which was very Coco Chanel.

Textures included lacquer painted on feathers and ruffles,

paillettes, which Karl said were not cheap shiny
sequins but gave 'flattering reflection for the face'.

There were black and white sequin tops and

Camellias from Maison Lemarié, 

Blue Sequinned dresses embroidered by Lesage
and light and fluid cream crepe dresses with strings of pearls.

There was an audience of around 1200 people to see the amazing show 
and to Celebratethe 100th Anniversary, including CHANEL ambassadors 
Zhou Xun, Anna Mouglalis and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey,
 actresses Dakota Fanning, Rinko Kikuchi, 
Fann Wong, Lun Mei Guey, Zoe Tay and Ryeo-Wong Jung, 
and the singers Kit Chan and Siwon Choi. 
Check our Post:
The evening continued in the magnificent palm tree filled garden 
where London DJs Horsemeat Disco, Bahaina, and Señor Coconut performed.

 Make up was black on lids and sockets drawn into a wing above the eyes 
and below in a thick Electric blue line for a catlike shape for a 
just beautiful and totally modern punk look.  
The Punk Chaos to Couture Met Ball had after all just taken place the night before. 

Peter Philips Chanel Makeup's Creative Director
designed the Makeup look using Chanel's Stylo Yeux Waterproof
Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Noir Intense
and True Blue

L'Ete Papillon de Chanel which launches on 31 May

Try Le Volume de Chanel Mascara
Check also our Post on Jeux de Regards for this great new Mascara.

Skin was matte and dusted with Poudre Universelle Libre
Natural Loose Finish Powder

 Sam McKnight told that while creating 
the  simple boyish short cuts for the girls,
 that he had to hide their hair 'in French twists, 
folding the ends forward over the front.
This created a long, side-swept fake fringe'.

Nails were painted in Le Vernis Nail Colour in Black Satin

All pictures courtesy Chanel

Check the whole CHANEL 2013/14 Cruise collection here:

White waistcoat, wide trousers and man-style grey tweed
jacket, Saskia de Brauw is the essence of cool and insouciance
with hand in pocket.

The Classic Coco Bretton Silhouette

Karl's Black Lace Tuxedo

 Love these long gunmetal chains and art Deco diamante
worn with ethnic sport-chic.

Above: the Denim section

Love these chunky gunmetal chains mixed
with art deco diamante and navy lace dress.
the single chunky double drop earrings are fab too! Xx
Love this!  Xx
Classic Gabrielle, lace, chains of pearls and brooches,
fine jersey knitwear with that Karl modern edge!  We Love! Xx

The leather zipped jumpsuit

Punk Couture Extraordinaire, loving the chains, and the
bag is just divine.

Very typically Chanel - Oyster Crepe de Chine Shirt with pearl buttons
worn with white skirt and pearl necklaces, belts, bracelets,
earrings and gorgeous patchwork bag.

Love this deep V embroidered top with cream lace embroidered shorts

These look like crochet, actually very fine bead work.

The Chanel No 5 Bag

Glimmering, Glistening and Shimmering tiny Paillettes

Adore these ruffled embroidered black dresses.

This is the start of the section of lacquered feathers and ruffles.

Cara Delevigne makes like a Bird of Paradise

Mirrored Sunglasses

Single Pearl drop earring, tweed and chains
Punk Couture at it's best.

Heels with Sport-Chic

All pictures courtesy Chanel

Until next time J Xx

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