Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lancome Hypnose Palettes with Alex Babsky @ Selfridges! Xx

We went to Selfridges to watch Lancome UK makeup ambassador
Alex Babsky show us how to work with the gorgeous
new Hypnose Palettes.

Drama, Doll and Star eyes
Above: a selection of the Hypnose palettes

Alex Babsky

Lancome signed make up artist Alex Babsky as their 
first UK Makeup Artist Ambassador in February 2013

Alex currently works with photographers Rankin, 
Mary Rozzi, Jason Hetherington and John Paul Pietrus
and titles including i-D, Instyle, Stylist, Glamour, Grazia and Times Luxx.
His first project with Lancome was 
Head of Lancome BAFTA Makeup Artist team 
where he worked with Olga Kurylenko, Sarah Jessica Parker and Elizabeth Olsen
Check our Post:

Olga Kurylenko in Nina Ricci at the BAFTAs Feb 2013
Make up by Alex Babsky 
Lancome's UK Make up Artist Ambassador

Elizabeth OLSEN in Chanel and Sarah Jessica Parker in Elie Saab
at the BAFTAs Feb 2013
Makeup Alex Babsky at Lancome

So Alex started with DO4 Lumiere D'Azur from the Doll Eyes
collection and with the mid tone brushed a line close under
the lower lashes sweeping up to the side

Watching Alex at work ...

Alex then took the mid shade, and brushed all over the socket sweeping up
at the sides.  On top he wet the brush and used the darkest shade of blue
in the middle to get a very intense sapphire blue and shaded in the whole 
of the lid up to the socket line.

In the middle of the lid, Alex applied the lightest shade
with his ring finger for illumination and sparkle.
and in the very corner with the brush the other light shade
... voila
Then Alex drew with black eye liner very close 
to the lashes to emphasise the lash line

and applied Hypnose Mascara for Volume and length
One Hypnose Palette eye in Lumiere d'Azure complete
Now for the other eye repeating the same steps.
Brushing the line under the lashes to lay down the shape
filling in the lid and socket with the mid tone sweeping up at the sides
Alex's hand looks like an artist's palette! Xx

Applying the deepest shade with a wet brush for an intense result

Blending the shade when dry - sweeping up at the sides ...
After applying the eyeliner and light illuminating shades on the centre
of the lid and inner corner of eye, Alex carefully coats the lash with Hypnose Mascara

The result with neutral coral lips and blush looks beautiful.

So Hypnose Palettes are available in 12 shades divided into
3 looks  Star, Drama and Doll (from left to right below)

Star Model

Above: ST1 Brun Adore, ST2 Kaki Chic
ST3 Terre d'Ivoire  ST4 Gris Fume


Above Anti clockwise: DR1 Bain de Minuit, DR2 Mon Smoky 
DR3 Vert Mystere and DR4 Violet Magnetique

We used the Violet Magnetique Palette in our Candy Girl Shoot

 Doll Eyes

Above: DO1 Fraicheur Rosee, DO2 Reflect d'Amethyste
DO3 Menthe a L'O, DO4 Lumiere d'Azur

Until next time J Xx

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