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Karen Elson on Harpers Bazaar UK May Issue! Xx

Karen wears Alexander McQueen
on the May cover of UK Harpers Bazaar
Alexander McQueen SS13

photographer Alexi Lubomirski 
stylist Leith Clark

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Karen wears Erdem
Erdem SS13
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See Karen Elson’s full photo shoot and interview
 in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar - on sale 4th April 2013
Also available as digital edition through Apple Newsstand

Now 34 years old, Karen Elson has modelled since she was 19.
She grew up in Oldham Manchester, 
and has two children Scarlett and Henry Lee with Jack White White Stripes Guitarist,
they have recently divorced but Karen knows that:
“At the end of the day, Jack is always going to be in my life, 
and I in his. Like Meg [White Stripes band member and Jack’s ex-wife]
 has always been in Jack’s... I adore Meg. 
But, of course, being close can create problems for others. 
It’s not particularly easy for the new people 
who want to go out with us to know that we are still good friends…”

Wearing Gucci at a screening of La Dolce Vita

 Karen is majorly proud of Jack's 
fearlessness when it comes to writing music:
“God I really respect him for just 
getting it out there, for taking things that are 
happening in his life, be it our life, or his life separate from me.
 It takes a really brave person to just go out there and say, 
‘This is who I am.” He is fearless in that way. 
He keeps encouraging me to make a second record. 
He keeps saying, ‘Get on with it! Just do it!’
 I completely admire that, but it’s a stumbling block for me 
because I’m not sure if I’m ready to share this stuff yet, 
not really. I’m hanging onto it a little longer.”

We love Karen's style here while performing:
silk vintage dress and biker boots.

Karen is in the middle of recording her second album:
“I’ve recorded a few songs. But no more excuses. 
This year is the year I take my guitar, lyric book 
and computer with me everywhere.
 If I compared myself to Jack, I’d drown in the ocean. 
It’s like comparing apples and oranges. 
I mean, he is the voice of a generation. 
Everyone has their own way of doing things.
 I have a different process –
 I have a more female energy when I write.”

Karen wearing Alexander McQueen SS04 
metallic devor√© dress 
to the Savage Beauty Costume Institute Gala in 2011

 Harpers asks Karen if there is stuff 
in her childhood growing up in Oldham
that affected her as an adult, Karen's answer:
Of course. But I can sit around being tortured or I can let it go. 
I use those experiences to propel me forward. 
That’s why music has been so good for me,
 because I’ve had this voice in me my entire life
 and the music allowed me to let it out,
 to set free all those ghosts. When I go back [to Oldham]
 I instantly feel like a tortured 13-year-old.
 I do miss Shameless, but for me, 
under all the humour, there is this sadness that
 ‘this is your lot in life’. That’s what I remember hearing all the time.”

With Alexa Chung at the Met Gala 2012
looking completely gorgeous wearing Marc Jacobs
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Karen is happy that her daughter Scarlett is unaware of body issues.
'But I don’t want my children to ever think that food is taboo. 
I don’t ever want to heap my baggage on them. 
I think Jennifer Lawrence is a brilliant 
role model for young girls, not some of 
the models that I see on the runway.”

On finding herself in her thirties:
“I know I am a much better woman in my thirties. 
I’ve overcome so much, shaken off so much self-doubt.
 I’m like, ‘God, my life is just starting now.’
 I have full faith in the second half of my life.
 I think I’ll be a fun 60-year-old. 
I’m going to be really young at heart. 
My kids will be rolling their eyes but 
they’ll know that their mum loves life.”

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