Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dior Addict Gloss! Xx

Sparkle Style are loving the new Dior Addict Gloss
just launched in 24 magical 
new shimmering, Sparkling and glimmering
shades for mirror shine lips.

"Colour is indispensable to beauty. Lipstick is a fashion accessory."
Christian Dior

We are also loving the photos of Daphne Groeneveld
by the brilliant Steven Meisel for the Dior Addict Gloss Ads
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The formula for this iconic gloss, perfected by the Dior research team, 
gives lips incredible shine and comfort.
Polarised crystalline micro-particles organize light reflection
 by sliding beneath a layer of mini mirror plaques. 
 Because of the way in which they rotate, these micro-particles
ensure optimal light diffusion creating the magic of a perfect mirror.
The gel treatment formula, enriched with spheres of
 hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates for an even more intense, full-lipped effect.

“The glossy effect gets all the light on lips and 
reflects the colour for an almost fatal seduction ". 

Tyen has created a beautiful range of gorgeous colours.

24 shades. 3 special effects.

The Shimmer effect: a star effect that accentuates

 the mirror shine of Dior Addict Gloss with Sparkle and Glitter.

The Pearly effect: extremely fine mother-of-pearl 

particles give a more subtle finish.

The Pure effect: like a shot of pigment; 

from the milkiest nudes to the most avant-garde lacquers.

The "Shimmer" shades

The glitter is carefully chosen to match the gloss,
 for a spectacular sparkling effect.
Available in:

653 Rose Surprise, 662 Rose en Diable, 686 Fancy Purple

732 Paradise, 413 Eclipse

From L to R: 013 Etolée 267 Nuit de Juin 856 Iconic Red

Included in the Shimmer Shades are the
4 It Shades – 4 Stars
that also come in Le Vernis

From L to R 343 Spring Ball 553 Princess

From L to R 433 Delice 643 Diablotine

There is also a fabulous Dior Gel Coat.
Mirror Shine Manicure 
 a topcoat which gives an ultra shine gel effect finish
that dramatizes the Sparkle in the shades.
Top Coat Gel
The "Pearly" shades
In delicate shades of beige pink and fresh orange 
these are light glosses that add a subtle illumination
and glimmer 
with fine mother of pearl particles.

216 Beige Songe, 257 Vénus, 783 Atout Ceur

153 Première Soirée 333 Bal d’étè 453 Dolly Pink

And finally the "Pure" shades
Bright red, pink or orange become
translucent shine shades on the lips.

223 Angèlique, 452 Ailée, 063 Facinante

From L to R 853 Rouge Défendu 363 Dormeuse 043 Caprice

Until next time J Xx

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