Monday, 25 March 2013

Big Boy Music 10th Anniversary Party! Xx

We went to the Big Boy Music 10th Anniversary Party
on 16th March at The Venue in Malet Street WC1
we loved hearing the artists live and DJ Marble 
and Mr Scot playing some great rare Groove, Dance,
Funk and Reggae.

Here is Big Boy Music's link on FB:

Harsh and 28 Luchi from NO GRAVITY

Rebecca Scales (above left)

Rebecca Scales is a Singer, songwriter and Producer currently completing 
her debut album SOULFIRE.
Rebecca is writing and producing SOULFIRE with TJ Hitch
and it will be released on the Big Boy Music label in the Summertime.

Rebecca's first single on Big Boy Music was 'The Question'
which is co-written by her, Big Boy, and DJ Marble 
She is now exploring a 'New Style' 
which is a fusion of Soulful Rock, Pop and Jazz using dub Grooves

Jenny, Sharon, Al Big Boy and Danny

LEEANNEAH LAUREN singing 'The Game'
Hear a clip from it on

And from Harsh and 28 Luchi of NO GRAVITY
hear clips from Turn Up and Silly

Her version of Etta Jame's At Last 
was Amazing - what a Voice! Xx

 Pictures: Duncan Morrison
Al Big Boy and Jenny Palmer

Harsh and 28 Luchi from NO GRAVITY


...and here are just Three of the the solid gold
tunes that the DJ Marble and Mr Scot played for the
party that rocked the house after the live show! Xx

Big Boy Music sure knows how to Party!
Check Big Boy Music on FB

Until next time J Xx

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