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Gucci Guilty Black - Daring Turns Darker! Xx

Gucci Guilty Black is the dark and mysterious version of
Gucci Guilty and Gucci Guilty Intense.
It has a more passionate and daring edge if possible.

 Creative Director Frida Giannini remarks: 
“These characters fascinate us as they are taken on a life of their own. 
We are eager to know about the next chapter in 
their story as it unfolds through Guilty Black”.

The Guilty Black lovers bring out the most thrilling sides of each other: 
alone they are magnificent, together irrepressible.
 Fearless in their passion, they are brazen, shameless, unpredictable 
– ready for each and every explosive encounter. 

Their attraction is instinctive: 
they go where they sense danger and each other.
Too much is never enough for our young hedonists, 
who drive each other to live life to the fullest. 
Again and again, they give in to pleasure 
and the excitement of breaking the rules.

Gucci Guilty Pour Femme is an intense Oriental Floral

It's top notes are red fruits, and pink pepper, 
the heart is more tender: raspberry, peach, lilac and violet
while the base notes give an underlying 
addictive quality to the fragrance -
patchouli, and amber.

Above: Gucci Guilty Pour Femme

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme is a vital Green Fougere

It's top notes are bracing green coriander with invigorating lavender
The middle notes are the aphrodisiac orange flower and neroli
while the base notes again have patchouli with cedar wood.

Above: Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme

The Design on the bottle has Red Entwined Gs for Femme, 
and Green for Homme
 Giannini notes: “I wanted to create a provocative design for Guilty Black, 
yet building on the now iconic packaging of Guilty.
 We added an evocative red glass for the female fragrance, 
green for the male, as a tribute to the timeless Gucci web stripe.”

Mert and Marcus shot the images for the Print Advertising
starring Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans

“We see the couple at night, in flagrante, washed in electric green and red neon.
 The aura is raw and compelling. 
Very modern, very sexy, very Gucci.”

 Creative Director Frida Giannini
wanted to continue in the Film Noir Style and the

advertisement was shot at Cinecittà Studios, 
the legendary home of Italian cinema.
 Again, as with the first Gucci Guilty Film,
 its director was Sin City creator Frank Miller; 
its stars femme fatale Evan Rachel Wood 
and hollywood action hero Chris Evans.

 Now, in Gucci Guilty Black,
 we join them for a fresh chapter in their story,
 and a thrilling sequel to what has come before. 
The chemistry between them is electric.
In this new installment, we join our rebels for a secret assignation.
 A rain-drenched city night. The Gucci Guilty Black hero powers 
towards us on a classic Norton 750 motorcycle. 
Suddenly, a lustrous Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud appears behind him, 
swerving ahead to force him to a halt.
 his danger-loving vixen is simply chasing her game. 

Watch the interview with Director Frank Miller

As Frank Miller says: 
“We know these characters now 
and what together they are capable of doing and of being. 
We all think of this as a mini-movie,
 with this our latest episode of the storyline. 
The colour scheme is stark: green and red light, 
against which our mavericks’ eyes - 
and intentions – of our protagonist smoulder like coals.” 

These motifs reappear in images of the two flacons: 
hers wrapped in passionate flames,
 his coiled in enigmatic emerald smoke.

Evan Rachel Wood said:

“I’m such a big fan of the campaign.
 I think it has been so successful because it’s different. 
It’s edgier, darker, sexier and I think the approach of making 
the commercial a mini-movie makes
 it seem more cinematic, artistic and cool.”

“What Frank wanted for Gucci Guilty Black 
was for my character to be lethal. 
Everything she touches, it’s as though she owns it.
 Everything is hers. 
She’s in control, very strong, very mysterious. 
He definitely pushed my bad side out.” 
“my preparation for the role was living. 
I am proud to be guilty of plenty of things.”

 As Chris Evans says: “Evan just belongs on film. 
She exudes confidence and sexuality. 
She’s perfect for this project.”

Watch the original Gucci Ad here again directed by Frank Miller

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Until next time J Xx

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