Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dior Iconic Overcurl @ Selfridges! Xx

We went to Selfridges to check out the Brand New
Iconic Overcurl, Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows
Diorshow Art Pen which is a fabulous black eyeliner
and the Diorshow Flash Corrector - a corrector pen
for any slip ups with the eyeliner.

Dior launched it's first Dior show mascara in 2002
inspired by the legendary “toothbrush” that make-up artists 
use to coat the lashes to the hilt.

Monsieur Dior loved a good show 
and always forged close bonds 
with the great movie icons. 
From Marilyn Monroe to Charlize Theron,

Sophia Loren to Sharon Stone,

and Rita Hayworth to Natalie Portman,

 the icons of both fashion and screen 
have all worn the House of Dior’s creations.

Sasha at the Selfridges Dior Counter
did my make up using Spencer and Lilas Mitzah 
Diorshow Monoshadows, the Diorshow Art Pen 
and Diorshow Iconic Overcurl in Black
and Dior Addict Lipstick in Paris
453 Spencer (grey)

176 Lilas Mitzah (purple)

Dior Addict Lipstick in Paris

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl 
is a combination of a curved brush 

and “K-Polymers” formula.

An innovation to add volume and curl, and shape defining memory,
meaning that after continued use this mascara can reshape your
lashes and strengthen them.

The 'Wave Curl' Brush allows perfect precision for applying mascara
and has been modelled on lash and hair-curling accessories,
The brush has a criss-cross structure giving it the power 
to capture and calibrate each individual lash
with long lasting non smudge curl and volume. 

The 'K Polymers' formula has 
properties of elastane and
combines different polymers that tighten, 
coat and set the lashes.
The mascara also contains self-emulsifiable hydrophilic waxes,
a soy protein extract that acts as a cellular activator

and a formula composed of Abyssinian oil and a pseudo-ceramide,
all rich in fatty acids 
which can reproduce the lipid structure of 
the lash on the surface which will strengthen them.

This Vegetal Nectar stimulates the synthesis of keratin,

structured like a helix at the “heart” of the lash, 
while a soy protein extract acts as a cellular 
activator capable of revitalising and regenerating the fibre.

With each application, the lash fringe demonstrates 
a capacity to be “re-shaped”, spectacularly boosted and curled. 
Over time, the eyes are transformed, revealing naturally 
more sensational curves and curl.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl £23 in:

Over Black
Over Brown

Over Blue

Also available the

Diorshow Heat Curl £23 
Check my Post:

Diorshow Art Pen
 Tracing strong features
A graphic line, a pretty comma, a futurist doe-eye...
Diorshow Art pen is a backstage
 influence that revolutionizes the expert tool 
by combining a gel-like texture 
(which can rinsed with warm water) 
with a calligraphic felt applicator 
whose professional glide and exceptional
 hold trace a stunningly intense black line.

Diorshow Art Pen £23

095 Podium Black

Diorshow Flash Corrector £22
The touch-up pen and make-up corrector

The “photo touch-up” effect: in one move this 

high-precision corrector erases, 

adjusts and corrects eyeliner jolts, 
mascara spill and lipstick errors. 

Above: the Pop shades

The Dior Show Mono Eyeshadow 
are designed by TYEN 
Creative Director of Dior Make-up
and each embossed with 'Dior' 

 There are Nude shades 
for a perfect ‘no make-up’ look.

 Pop shades - colour block pigments,

and the Smoky palette

 allowing for variations on the classic smoky eye.

All the mono shades can be applied dry

for a light shade,
or with a slightly damp sponge tip
for a vibrant intense flat colour.

506 Nude

616 Sequins (gold)

623 Ribbon (nude)

653 Mordoré (bronze)

726 Grège (grey/beige)

826 Bikini (baby pink)

006 Swan (white)

887 Bow (hot pink)

176 Lilas Mitzah (purple)
240 Marinière (blue)

386 Blue Denim (smoky blue)

434 Garden Party (smoky green) 

477 Camouflage (khaki)
453 Spencer (grey)

566 Panama (brown)

760 Tweed (dark brown)

047 Gris Montaigne (silver)

096 Khôl (black)

Call 020 7318 3696
to book your Dior Make over at Selfridges

Until next time J Xx

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