Wednesday, 6 February 2013

David Beckham is a Superman in H&M short Film directed by Guy Ritchie! Xx

Yay - we love this!

David Beckham stars in the HandM short film
shot in LA
featuring his wonderful underwear
Directed by Guy Ritchie

As it says in the ace soundtrack
'Don't Stop'
by Foster and the People

Beckham indeed is a Superman, and it's his show!

Victoria drives off with the kids with David's
Bathrobe shut in the door of their Range Rover ...

 The Beckhams dog Coco
watches as the Door Closes

David is in a similar tricky situation as Poppy Delevingne
in the Agent Provocateur Valentine's Short Film
Check my Post:

 he decides to take the short cut and run through 
his neighbours gardens to catch up with
Victoria to get the Robe back ...

 meanwhile unaware Victoria drives the boys to school ...

Beckham is too fast for the killer guard dogs

 that boy can run ...

he has time to play some wicked football on
the way
he's going to kick til he needs new shoes

 the gardener is wearing a Beckham T Shirt

 dives in the pool reminding us of
the classic Burt Lancaster Film The Swimmer 1968
in which Burt runs from pool to pool to swim the whole LA valley.


 too fast for the paparazzi ...

oh no its the top tours inc
movie star homes tour!

Great arse shots Guy! Xx

David, Guy Ritchie and Crew on set

Take a look at the Collection
from £7.99 - £24.99

All images courtesy HandM
for promotional use
and not intended to breach copyright


to view the whole collection 

and the film in Glorious HD

Until next time J Xx

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