Saturday, 19 January 2013

Malcolm Liepke Paintings! Xx

I saw this painting on my friend 

Edward Lucie-Smith's* - FB Page and was amazed.

Now this is what painting is about.  
This is the true meaning of 'painterly'.
You can feel and smell the paint by just looking at this image.  
And his use of texture is truly beautiful
- for the hair juxtaposed against the smoothness of the skin,
and then another texture for the brocade on the sofa,
 and for the plaster on the wall. 
 Liepke's colour sense is spot on.
The complementary colours in yellow and violet blue 
create a dramatic visual contrast. 
The violet blue on the sofa is echoed in 
both the models eyes and eyeshadow.

Liepke completely understands makeup,
and paints the face like a canvas, as makeup artists do.
There is movement and light and spontaneity here.
He is using his medium to it's fullest.

You can truly see the artist's reality and feeling 
through his image making - we are there with him.

There are hints of one of my favourite artists Egon Schiele,
 with the graphic layout and direct and strong sensual relationship
with his sitters, and Degas in the impressionist strokes.
Other artists that Liepke is inspired by and studied 
are Singer Sargent, Whistler, Toulouse-Lautrec, 
Diego Velazquez and Vuillard.

His portraits celebrate womanhood and the ultra feminine
as Marilyn Monroe herself said
“I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it. ” 

Check out more of Malcolm Liepke's work on the

which is in numerous major collections

throughout the world,

on the

Koloot Design Page

The Albermarle Gallery Website:
Edward Lucie Smith at his home in Kensington, England 2006 by Argentovs

* Edward Lucie-Smith, celebrating his 80th Birthday this year,
 is the extraordinarily eminent Art Critic, writer, poet,
 curator, broadcaster, and author of exhibition catalogues 
born in Kingston Jamaica in 1933.
check for his many works.

Edward Series Edited and wrote the Introduction
 to the book on the St Lucian Artist Llewellyn Xavier 
published by Macmillan which I photographed and art directed.

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Until next time J Xx

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