Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Karl Lagerfeld's Film 'Public Garden' & Chanel Spring Summer 2013 Pre Collection! Xx

We are loving Karl Lagerfeld's new film 
'Public Garden' featuring
the Pre Spring Summer 2013 Collection
available in Chanel Boutiques from now.
The film takes place in the Gardens of the Rodin Museum
in Paris over Three Days
and stars
Stef Van Der Laan, Lindsey Wixson, 
Aymeline Valade, Brad and Hudson Kroenig

It is shot in black and white, twenties style,
almost like a Chaplin silent movie,
with piano accompaniment.

So briefly - without giving it all away - let me explain!

Stef van der Laan and Lindsey Wixson meet on a bench
 in the Gardens ofthe Musee Rodin in Paris 
after shopping in Chanel, 31 Rue Cambon, Paris.
Lindsey wears Blue and Pink Stripe Sweater 
and Black and White palazzo pants,
with black ribbon in her hair and Chanel necklace and cuff.
Stef wears round neck sweater and black and white stripe shorts,
with gorgeous black straw boater with black grosgrain ribbon
 and loads of Chanel metal and leather intertwined bracelets.

Above: Lindsey's Chanel Cashmere Sweater 
and Stripe Pants from the SS13 Collection
Check my Post on the 'Making of the Cardigan'
They look at their purchases of adorable Chanel Bags
we are very jealous.
The iconic hand bag has been re-visited in a 
perforated leather version or with a chunky chain
 inspired by the BOY CHANEL.
Aymeline Valade walks by in black and white cotton
 all-in-one worn with a black chiffon blouse
see below:

Brad Kroening and his 4-year-old son Hudson 
— who's also Lagerfeld's godson, appears.

Brad sits down to read

The girls are transfixed!! Xx

Brad is reading the New French Philosopher
This guy is obviously a brilliant father, 
gorgeous looking and extremely clever
- everything a girl could want!
the girls leave

They have left their empty Chanel Bag Behind,
Hudson loves it.

Even Karl's Cat Choupette gets to star in the film
by appearing on Hudson's T Shirt

Day Two

Aymeline Valade appears as if looking for someone,
and walks off. 
She is wearing double breasted
jersey dress-shorts embellished with jewelled buttons.
Resin Cuff Chanel Bag and Umbrella. 

The Girls are having fun with their Chanel Make up.
Stef wears cream tweed jacket with pearls and pleated skirt,
Lindsey wears Gold Buttoned Blouse and Skirt
Below: Stef's Beautiful Pearl Adorned Jacket

Check my Post:

to look at some more of the Pre Spring Summer Collection.

We love their Leather and chain Gladiator Sandals ...

... Lindsey's large leather and chain hoop earrings ...

...and Stef's Chanel Bag, Bangles
and nails.

Hudson Waves hello - Brad has brought the bag they left behind yesterday.
Brad sits down to read again.

We all love a Chanel Bag

Day Three

Running from the Rain the girls find their man
again reading his book and looking gorgeous.

Stef Wears White Blouse with balloon sleeves and Lindsey wears
white cotton dress with resin cuff encrusted with lace

We are loving the black eyeliner which is 
drawn down at the inner corners
and up a long way at the outer corners, 
for a very feline, feminine look.

They get all hot and bothered...

Check this film Public Garden
find out what happens

Shot at the Rodin Museum, Paris
Directed by Karl Lagerfeld

Charlie Alex March "Crisp White"

Stef Van Der Laan, Lindsey Wixson, 
Aymeline Valade, Brad and Hudson Kroenig

Until next time J Xx

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