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Cherie Bow - the Dior Spring 2013 Make up Collection! Xx

 Tyen has created a uniquely fresh fusion for the House of Dior with
Cherie Bow the Spring 2013 Make up Collection
an expression of Freedom, Love and Chance.
Daria Strokous looks completely amazing in the pictures
with flawless skin thanks to the brilliant Diorskin Nude BB Cream.
Her china blue eyes are beautifully framed with pink on the browbone
pale peach-taupe eyelids
from the 5 Couleurs palette
854 Rose Charmeuse 
 outlined with thick black winged eyeliner 
and famous Dior lashes.
The brows are lined perfectly in Blonde Pencil.

Daria's are the most amazing layered Dior Addict lips in Bow with
Dior Addict Glow Glossed on top.
Pink Happiness Blush is applied on the apples of her cheeks.
Her nails are in Rosy Bow and a Black Satin Bow
is tied around her neck with a ballerina pink Rose
in the centre.  We Love! Xx

Camille Miceli, Creative Director of Dior jewellery and accessories,
has reinterpreted the symbol of the bow, 
much loved ever since it was tied around
the neck of the bottle of Miss Dior Fragrance
in 1947, at the time of his first collection and 
 available exclusively to Dior couture customers.

And later and in Crystal on Miss Dior Cherie. 

 “I like bows to finish a neckline, 
decorate a hat or close a belt,” said Christian Dior. 
Whether small, large or enormous, 
I like them in any style and any material.

It has become a Dior Icon and 
 and a homage 
to the ribbons worn by the Duchesse de Fontanges - 

  Louis XIV’s favourite, 
who made history wearing her ribbons in her hair.

 Marie-Angélique de Scorailles
The Duchess of Fontanges

Marie-Angélique created the famous fashion of Fontanges.
While hunting in the forest of Fontainebleau
 her hair had got caught in some branches and she had styled
 it swiftly with a ribbon and appeared before the king 
with her hair loosely tied 
and tumbling in curls to her shoulders.
Louis XIV hunting in Forest of Fontainebleau
by Adam Frans van der Meulen 1669

 The king found this "rustic" style delightful. 
The next day, all the courtiers adopted this hairstyle

A style similar to the Duchess of Fontanges

Tyen at Dior has reinvented Pink the colour “of happiness and femininity”
from tender ballerina to hot and shocking. 
In the Chérie Bow collection, pink is mixed with smoky black and anthracite grey
...Pink, black, grey... 

In the elegance of Versailles, it’s cheeky and utterly 2013.

Below: 854 Rose Charmeuse
You can see that Daria has the sparkling peach shade 
from this 5 couleurs palette on her eyelids,
  and a gorgeous creative mix of the 
two darker pink shades blended on the browbone and socket. 
Pink on the browbone emphasises the blue in your eyes amazingly,
a tip told me by Davide, one of the Dior International Pro Team
Check my Post:

She has a thick winged black eyeliner and black Mascara.  
There is no eyeliner under the eyes, just  Dior skin flash,  
but there is a line
of pink-beige in the lower waterline -
a mix of 530 Beige Ribbon and 840 Ballerina Pink
Twin-Set Eyeshadow Pens

 So I went to Selfridges on Friday 4th January 
for my Make Over with the lovely Rachel 
- you can ring any time and book for your makeover
on the Direct Dior line: 020 7318 3696
There is no booking fee.

Rachel started with the amazing L'Or de Vie skincare - le Serum and la creme, 
then using the fabulous BB Cream in 03.
 This is an amazing foundation as it is definitely not too thick, and has all
the attributes of a tinted moisturiser letting 
your natural skin shine through, while smoothing
out any imperfections for a beautiful result.  
She then brushed on the fabulous loose Dior Skin Nude Rose face powder £47
and the NUDE powder for a toning effect.
Check my Post:  

Rachel chose Tender Coral Blush applied over the 
natural blush area of my cheeks for a natural glow.

Then using the blonde eyebrow pencil she brushed in colour
 and shape to my eyebrows in this gorgeous powdery shade.
Now for the eyes and for this Rachel chose the beautiful 
Rose Poudre Bow Pallette

and first applied the gel eyeliner (4th from left)with the brush 
very near to the lash line, even between the lashes to get a strong effect
and angled up at the edges.

Using the dark anthracite grey (3rd from left), 
Rachel blended this in at the corners and up to the sockets
and then blended in the pale grey (2nd from left) 
on the inside corners of the eyelids.

She then brushed the gorgeous pale ballerina pink (1st from left)
 all over the brow bone.
Then for the mascara and first Dior Lash Maximiser
then several coats of Dior Iconic in Black

Check my Post:

Lips are Dior Addict in 687 Espiegle 


with the incredible Dior Addict Lipglow over the top
which enhances the Pink and shine enormously
and to your own skin tone.

My Final Cherie Bow Look
and With Rachel below:

 The Make up and Shade Card
 The Bow Pallette with Pearl Clasps

and below the Pallette that Rachel used
01 Rose Poudre - the greys and eyeliner in here are
fabulous for a perfect smoky eye. 

Here is the rest of the Cherie Bow Collection:

The Palette Cherie Bow which is the centrepiece of this collection
contains colours created by Tyen: 
a trio of velvety eyeshadows available in two harmonies, 
a black eyeliner and a lipgloss in pale pink.

Rose Poudre 01

Rose Perle 02

Twin-Set Eyeshadow Pen £24.50

Inspired by backstage makeup artists, 
who apply a grease shadow set with powder 
for a long-lasting effect, the new Twin Set Eyeshadow Pen 
is the must-have for eyes.

From top to bottom 
840 Ballerina Pink and 530 Beige Ribbon
090 Fishnet Black 060 Grey Sigh 

At one end, a smooth texture spreads a lush satin or pearly veil. 
At the other, a sponge-pad dusted with shiny powder 
brings a mirrored sheen. One shade and twin effects.

5 Couleurs £41

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette for the Cherie Bow 

Collection is available in two color harmonies, with
the iconic Dior houndstooth pattern.

 724 Rose Ballerine  

and 854 Rose Charmeuse.

3 Couleurs £35
in 731 Smoky Rose

Dior Sweet Cherie Pinks Palette 
Four Eyeshadows and four lip glosses
Exclusive to Sephora from 18th January

Diorskin Nude BB Crème £30

A dream match between skincare and makeup, 
Diorskin Nude BB Crème is the new generation 
beautifier for the complexion, 
the first beauty balm that brings the Maison Dior’s 
beloved “rosy complexion” to life. 
Hydrated and smoothed, protected and unified, 
tinted with a unique rosy glow, 
the skin is more beautifully radiant than ever 
beneath this featherlight texture. 

Thanks to the perfect balance it strikes 
between transparency, glow, 
perfection and hold, Diorskin Nude BB Creme conceals 
only what it must and reveals the bare essence of beauty. 
The unique fresh pink hue of the resulting 
makeup beautifies the complexion, 
which blooms and glows, irresistibly in the pink. 
The complexion is newly revived, by Dior.

Available in:
 001 Light  002 Fair  003 Medium

Diorblush £29.50

Diorblush is also dressed in houndstooth.

 L to R 659 Tender Coral and 729 Pink Happiness

Lips and Nails

Dior Addict Lip Glow
Color Reviver Gloss £24.50

This reacts to the level of humidity 
in the lips to diffuse its active colour 
effect and reveal their glow. 
Plumped with nourishing oils, 
it deeply hydrates the lips. 

Nail Glow £18.00

This reveals the nails’ natural beauty and gives a 
colour-free boost to their glow.
It also gives a pink glow to any colour you already have on your nails.

Dior Addict in four shades
From top to bottom:
437 Charmante

457 Candide
467 Bow
687 Espiègle

Dior Rouge Serum the fabulous moisturiser for dry lips comes in 

250 Tulle Pink a pale candy pink (left)

and 630 Arabesque Pink a coral with pearly gold reflections (right)

Dior Vernis  £18 each

 Dior Vernis Tutu In soft pale ballerina pink,

Rosy Bow is a brighter pink tinged with coral. 
Gris Trianon is a gorgeous matt mid grey almost taupe.

Cherie Bow is available exclusively at Selfridges 
from 4th January 2013, nationwide from 18th January 2013 
Why not book you and a friend in for a makeover
and meet for lunch before or after at the wonderful 
HIX Champagne bar.

Until next time J Xx

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