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Chanel Spring Summer Haute Couture at the Grand Palais Paris! Xx

So here are the pictures from the 
Chanel Haute-Couture Spring Summer
2013 show at  the Grand Palais in Paris 
which took place on Tuesday 22 January

The Invitation

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To see the Celebrities that Attended.

The Grand Palais was transformed to look like 
a magical garden and the girls made up
to look like Gothic Princesses.
According to Karl Lagerfeld he saw the garden in a dream   
“The idea of a German, romantic neo-classical thing, 
a Greek theatre in a romantic forest…”. 
He made a sketch and handed it over to his people
to build and was really happy with the result.

There are over 200 seamstresses at Chanel 
and these dresses would have each 
taken up to 2,000 hours to make. 

The Girls eyes were outlined in black eyeliner, 
eyelids and socket shaded in black sparkly powder
and handmade chiffon and net lashes applied under the eye.

The look was designed as ever by Peter Phillips
 the Creative Director for make up for Chanel
Skin was porcelain perfect and blush
 was a rosy peach colour with 
a pale frosted pink on the lips.

Nails were a pale matte peach pink.
The Hair was by Sam McKnight and was
worn up in loose chignons with backcombed curls 
and each girl had a headpiece made out of several
layers of chiffon, net, lace and feathers on one side
Pictures Courtesy Chanel and

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 The show opened with 20 tweed pieces in a palette 
of white, cream, palest caramel, pale gold, pink, 
lilac, pale violet blue, black and navy.
These were the most gorgeous variations 
on wool and silk suits and shift dresses
 in the most intricate and finest of weaves. 
There was something of the Elizabethan 
about the girls at the beginning of the show,
looking like androgynous Dauphins.

There were very narrow, 
almost imperceptible belts at the waist
even around the tweed jackets,
 showing that the fabric
was very light and easy to wear.

After the tweed came navy and white lace, 
chiffon and organza pieces with butterflies 
 in the same palette.
Lilac was definitely an accent colour as it is
in Chanel's Spring Summer Make up Collection
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There were multicoloured floral sequinned gowns,
and black, red and white dresses cinched 
with the narrowest of red patent belts.

We adored the nine chiffon, organza, lace and
chiffon fringed dresses 
in black, gold, pale pink, pale blue and white.
Very Alice in Wonderland and 
Midsummer Nights Dream with a gothic twist,
that would have made Miss Havisham proud.

The show ended with Two Brides accompanied by
Karl Lagerfeld's Godson
4 year old Hudson Kroening,
who stars in his film Public Garden.

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Accessories were
thigh high or ankle length peep toed boots 
in silver, white, gold, bronze and black leather and lace 
 and long silver or white leather fingerless evening gloves.
Absolutely no jewellery

Take a look a the show:

We love this short boxy jacket over long straight skirt 
worn with fingerless long white leather gloves 
and pale golden lace peep toe boots

 We loved the beautiful boat neck black tweed 
shift dresses long and short - 
ever a classic chanel silhouette worn with 
black lace thigh high peep toe boots.

 Here are 17 more pieces in the same palette 
in chiffon organza lace

This black chiffon ruched dress is absolutely beautiful.

We adore this pale lilac organza and sequin dress 
with ruched organza
tunic worn with lilac lace peep toe boots.

This black white and silver monochrome section is
opened by Cara Delevingne's beautiful nun inspired simple
black silk dress with white neckline worn with the lace boots

 Love this long satin double breasted coat dress 
over halterneck lace.

Red is now introduced in the poppies on blue sequinned panels 
on this long dress for a section of 10 multicoloured floral sequinned gowns
 including a beautiful black net puffball dress 

 After this most beautiful
black sequin and cream satin column dress
There is group of black white and red floral sequin dresses
cinched with narrow red patent belts

 And here, the last section of lace, chiffon
 and organza evening dresses
with a disinctly edwardian feel.

These two dresses below 
remind me of Tolouse Lautrec paintings.

 Cara's Dress is just Gorgeous! Xx

 The Karl! Xx

Check out some close ups of the fabulous
peep toe lace boots, in black, gold, bronze, silver and white
 - We love! Xx

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Until next time J Xx

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