Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Chanel 'The Making of the Cardigan'! Xx

I was looking on the Chanel News site 
- as I do - especially right now
catching up on the beautiful 
Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Show
in at the Grand Palais in Paris,
and came across this film about the making
 of the two tone Chanel Cashmere Cardigan.
I was totally mesmerised.

 Take a look at the film here:

It made me want to own this cardigan immediately.
This cardigan is lovingly made in Hawick, Scotland and
the landscape at the beginning looks 
like a scene from a Harry Potter Film.
With all the different stages it takes to come into being
from the actual knitting and steaming, 
the contrasting binding being sewn on and finished by hand 
to details like the iconic Chanel Buttons and Chanel Label,
this cardigan has truly been on a journey to come into being.

Here are some stills from the film:

Above: Hawick Scotland
The Cashmere Yarn
The fine knit

Between each stage the cardigan is carefully folded
to keep it safe until next time.
This is truly magical to watch, with beautiful music.


The intricate machines at Hawick

Finishing by Hand
the Button holes are marked

The legendary Chanel Buttons

Here is a sweater in similar colours from the SS13 Collection
that features in the new film by Karl Lagerfeld 'Public Garden'.
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 Why not go to your nearest Chanel Boutique,
or Selfridge or Harrods,
to buy one of your own.

26 Old Bond Street London
Tel: 020 7493 5040

167-169 Sloane St
020 7235 6631

278-280 Brompton Rd
South Kensington London
020 7581 8620

Until next time J Xx

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  1. I just saw this cardigan at my chanel boutique and it was for sale for $3,500. I came looking for a picture of it so I could make one for myself inspired by it (like to get crafty). It is truly beautiful!