Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year Nails Inc Nails! Xx

I went to the Nails inc Bar in Bentalls Kingston
Tel: 0208 546 1001 
and Sarah did my nails in 
the beautiful bright Turquoise Neon Shade 
Kensington Park Road with Royal Arcade Nail Jewellery over the top,
and Diamond Arcade Nail Jewellery on the Ring Fingers with a row
of diamond Swarovski crystals at the base of each nail.
This is a bright fresh new look for 2013
for the Positive Outlook that we all need right now! Xx
Butterfly and Rose Ring: Accessorize

Kensington Park Road £11

Royal Arcade Nail Jewellery £11

Diamond Arcade Nail Jewellery £11

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I am also loving these 3D Glitters which have
irridescent sparkle to them. 
Connaught Square in a Utramarine Turquoise,
and Bloomsbury Square in Purple Fuchsia tones:

Connaught Square £11

Bloomsbury Square £11

Until next time J Xx

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