Thursday, 20 December 2012

Lava Shells Massage! Xx

We have just bought a Lava Shells kit 
from Shared Beauty Secrets for £35
A complete kit enables you to experience a
 warm Lava Shells® massage at home.
 The kit provides a unique blend of algae and dried kelp which, 
when blended with sea water and inserted inside the shell, 
generate their own controlled heat and subsequent soothing massage. 
Once activated, the shell retains its heat for over an hour,
 it falls when it is in use and rises when set down. 
The shell can be cooled by simply dipping in water or wiping with a damp cloth. 

Massaging with the Lava Shells can Ease tension in the muscle,
relieve painful arthritic joints and remove toxins.
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The kit includes

  • One porcelain lava shell and Instruction Manual
  • 4 Lava Shell Activators and Sachets
  • 4 applications of Massage oil
The Heat Technology
Uses the LavaGel™ and Activator
There are two sachets that mix together to form a 
chemical reaction and create an exothermic heat.
The dry sachet contains minerals of Magnesium and Iron, 
mixed with absorptive powders. 
The activator is a saline solution and is poured 
on to the dry sachet inside the shell. 
This forms the exothermic reaction which creates the heat.

The shell in the home kit is created from a blend
 of Porcelain and real seashells 
perfect for any type of massage type.
 The reason this is not the genuine tiger clam shell,
 is due to the eco story or recycling from food waste 
so to manage the demand we are only using 
the genuine shell for professional use only.

Take a look at the instructions for use:

Once activated keep the shell moving and
 check the temperature before use.
Wipe with a cold damp mitt to control the heat level or 
place in a shallow bowl of water for ten seconds
 to cool the shell with immediate effect

Note: This product is for home use only and 
is not for professional use in Salons.
 To experience a Lava Shell professional
 massage treatment using the natural
 Tiger Clam shells please follow the link find a practitioner to locate
 your nearest Lava Shell trained salon or therapist.
where they use the

 100% natural tiger clam shell. 

 It is sourced in the Philippines and collected
from a food waste product.  This not only provide food
 but also jobs fro the local industry on the island.
The locals prepare the shell for use in massage by sand 
polishing them to a smooth tool and glueing 
them back together and cutting a small hole to place the sachet inside

Check this video about the Massage at the W Hotel in San Francisco:

Shared Beauty Secrets are the exclusive UK 
and Ireland Lava Shells® distributors, 
and international trainers. 

 Lava Shell Massage has been called 
“ the new hot stones" by Vogue
Since launching March 2009  Lava Shell can now be found 
in over 1500 Leading Spas and Salons.
The Sanctuary Spa's, Bannatyne Spa's, Marriot Spa's, Handpicked Hotel Spa's,
 David Lloyd Spa's, The Urban Retreat within Harrod's,
 Ragdale Hall, 
Algorm Resort and Spa, Macdonald Hotel Spa's, 
The Cornwall Hotel and Spa, The Merchant Hotel, 
Ciuin Spa, Fortina Spa Resort, Champneys Town and City Spa's, 
Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island

The massage has received some great reviews, and has a large celebrity following:

Glamour, Lava-Licious!
“What’s the most relaxing, can’t-wait-to-have-again treatment I’ve had recently? 

The Sanctuary’s Lava Shell Massage, that’s what.” 
“Forget stress; this treatment totally removed the 
word from my vocabulary for the rest of the day.”

Mail on Sunday You Magazine, Red-Carpet Treatment
“Just make sure you ask your therapist to let herself out – you’ll be fast asleep.”

Daily Telegraph, Shell out for this relaxing treat
“I felt that deliciously weird combination of refreshed and relaxed.” 

"I had underestimated this treatment."
 "The combination of heat and a good massage delivers the goods." 
"I wandered out in a little cloud."


 Head Office on 01869 357701

So another great Christmas Gift idea - the Lava Shells Home Kit
or a Lava Shells Massage at your nearest Salon!

Until next time J Xx

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