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Dior Beauty Tips for Xmas! Xx

If you remember we went to check out
 Dior's Grand Bal Collection
as soon as it hit the Selfridges Counters back in October
check my Posts:

Now here are some expert tips as demonstrated
 by Dior's Make-Up Designer, Violette
for this season's Baroque look
using the Grand Bal Collection

Violette grew up in Fashion -
her Mother Charlie was a successful hairdresser
and so she grew up around photographers 
such as Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindbergh.  
She trained in Painting, but transferred to makeup
as preferred to work with live canvases.

A Baroque look: 
the product - 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow in Night Golds

1 – Create a cat's eye base by drawing a thick, 
dense smoky line across the eyelid with a matte black pencil.

2 – Apply the darkest eye shadow over the entire eyelid, 

all the way up to the brows.
 Emphasise your pencil line to make it "shimmer".

3 – Blend outwards following the illustration in 1/.

4 – Now apply the lightest eye shadow to the area
 defined from the eyebrow 
down to the middle of the eyelid.

5 – Highlight the inner corner of the eye
 and the brow bone with a touch of gold shadow.

6 – Coat the upper lashes with a black mascara
 such as Diorshow New Look.

7 – To finish, use a brush to apply mascara 
to the roots of the lower lashes, 
without taking it through to the ends.
 This intensifies the eye without weight.

The Dior Tip:
For drawing a kohl-like line as we have done here, 
or for structuring a smoky eye, 
a black eyeliner pencil is a must-have.

Shadow and light
The product: Palette Grand Bal

1 – Apply a solid, even layer of silver eye shadow, 
then emphasize the eyelid up to the crease. 

2 – Apply the gold shadow to the lower lash line, 
blending from the inner to the outer corner.

3 – Complete with mascara applied from the 
roots to the tips to open the eyes.
4 – Using a small flat brush, add a touch of the same
 mascara to the roots of the lower lashes for a smoky effect. 

5 – Using your finger, plump up your lips
 with a touch of gloss. 

6 - Apply blush to the cheekbones according 
to the intensity of the look: 
more sophisticated make-up
 requires more pronounced blush.

The Dior Tip:
Prepare your eyelid with a dab of foundation 
followed by powder to even skin tone and hold pigment. 

Heroine lips

The product: Rouge Diorific 

1 – This graphic, ultra-modern lip is first lined using straight 
(not curved) lines – in particular to accentuate 
the "V" of the cupid's bow. 

2 – Still using your liner, fill in the lips to create a base 
that will boost the colour result and increase pigment hold. 

3 – Apply Rouge Diorific lipstick.    

4 – Finish by touching up the lip line with a brush 
(or a cotton bud) dipped in foundation.

The Dior Tip:

It's all about the mix: on polished, even and luminous skin, 

a red lip stands out even more.

Above: My Dior Grand Bal look at the Selfridges Counter
For Details Check my Post:
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Until next time J Xx

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