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Balenciaga's Florabotanica - Sparkle Styles favourite Scent of 2012! Xx

So we have to say that our all time favourite scent of 2012
has to be Florabotanica by Balenciaga.
It is a combination of our favourite notes
- floral, fresh and spicy and is totally modern.

We love the floral design on the packaging juxtaposed against
the graphic black and white stripes
on the cylindrical lid and laboratory test tube-like centre piece,
and primary colour blocks of the cubic glass bottle.
The obvious mix of Art and Science,
Edginess and Feminity
are Clashes of Personality that make the Perfect Chemical Reaction

Kristen Stewart is the face of Florabotanica
and in the Photos for the Campaign, taken by Steven Meisel,
she stands among metal sculptures inspired by 
a Pierre Frey Wallpaper design. 
 These look like Dangerous Sharp Flowers,
that could cut you.

The Dress that Kristen wears in the ad
 is from the floral collection
Balenciaga SS 2008

 The vintage Pierre Frey wallpaper that is on the Florabotanica Packaging 
and  influenced Nicolas Ghesquière’s Fall 2011 collection.

Olivier Polge and Jean Christophe-Herault created the
fragrance which includes mint, carnation, hybrid rose, 
caladium leaves, amber and vetiver.  
This is a combination of Seductive, Intense Beauty 
and Dangerous rebellious femininity and  
the result is an earthy floral spicy fragrance which is fresh,
edgy and modern.

We Love! Xx

Kristen is 'So Balenciaga' according to Nicolas
“Kristen Stewart has a real personality,” noted Ghesquière. 
“She captivated me when we met a few years ago. 
I had not forgotten her. 
She is the perfect embodiment of a certain idea of Balenciaga:
 that beauty that is both pure and uncontrollable. 
We met again for Florabotanica. 
She is totally this graceful and mysterious figure
 that symbolises this strange botanical garden.” 

We are loving the quote from 
re Florabotanica:

'It’s like the Mad Hatter joined forces with Captain Beefheart, 
dropping an acid-infused sugar cube in a secret garden 
before letting rip on the design front.  
I love it.  I love how it looks so spiky and unfriendly 
(not unlike the celebrity fronting the campaign then)
 and the ensemble left me properly breathless in 
anticipation and hope that the juice
 inside would live up to the initial impression.'

Florabotanica is be available as 30, 50 and 100ml EDP 
and body lotion and shower gel.

Kristen in Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga:


Balenciaga was founded in Spain by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1914,
this is an exciting time for the House as
of course we all know that Alexander Wang has just been named 
creative director at Balenciaga, replacing Nicolas Ghesquière 
and Huffington Post has been interviewing Grace Coddington
about her new book 'A Memoir'.

She had this to say about Alexander's appointment:

'It's a sign of the times. More for me, I'm sad to be going to Paris and 
not seeing Nicolas Ghesquière 
[in the book, Coddington details her friendship with Ghesquière]. 
Because I love him as a friend, but also because 
he's the most incredible creative designer. 
I'm sure Alexander Wang will do really well. 
He's very well-liked.
 It's an incredibly difficult thing to take over for 
Nicolas because there are all the old fuddy-duddy people
like me digging their heels in. 
But you've got to embrace it -- it's happened. 
I'm sure the Gucci people [Gucci and Balenciaga are both owned by PPR]
thought long and carefully, they didn't just pull him out of a hat.
And he fit all their criteria.'

Alexander Wang has had such commercial success.
           Do you think that was a factor in naming him creative director of Balenciaga?

[Commercial success] is what they want.
Don't think of it as the same house as it was when 
Nicolas was the creative director; that's everybody's mistake.
 Don't think of it as a replacement for Nicolas, because it isn't. 
Alexander has a whole different agenda. 
He's a very confident young man, he's cute-looking, girls love him, 
he's an "It" person and he makes very affordable clothes. 
I haven't spoken to him, but he can only do what he can do. 
He can't be somebody else, and he certainly can't be Nicolas.

In your opinion, what will Nicolas Ghesquière do now?
He will bide his time and come back.
He's too brilliant to just disappear.
He's very passionate about what he does.  
He's not caught up in fashion and celebrity at all.
I don't think he's going to go off and become 
a sculptor like Helmut Lang, either.

To read more of the Interview Click here:

to buy Grace's book click here

Take a look at Nicolas Ghesquiere's last show for Balenciaga
Again we can see Nicolas playing with sharp contrast's
as he says to
 “I thought it was interesting to play with that contrast between 
Balenciaga’s cubism and architectural rigidity,” 
he explained, “and with mythology, antiquity, and movement.”
 Nicolas Ghesquiere was inspired by some Balenciaga 
ballet designs from the 1930s, and included flamenco ruffles  
in modern clean cut lines.  
There were superlatively cut gaberdine suits,
 fine tweed short skirted suits, and the most 
gorgeous ornate cut out silk dresses
with barbed wire print representing 
Ghesquiere's favourite theme
of Dangerous rebellious Beauty.

 Here are the details - the Hair worn loosely 
and casually with simple metal bands

The Gorgeous leather bags

Shoes are lace ups with square metal heels ...

and the most beautiful heels in black, primrose,
apricot, cream, and dark raspberry.

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Until next time J Xx

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