Saturday, 10 November 2012

Red or Dead Exhibition at the Dray Walk Gallery, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane! Xx

We went to the opening of the Red or Dead Exhibition,
at the Dray Walk Gallery 
Brick Lane E1 6QL
Celebrating 30 Years of 
Eclectic British Fashion
as They said 'An Exhibition
to air our dirty laundry from
the 80s, 90s and 00s

Geraldine & Wayne Hemmingway and Me
 Susie Lau of Style bubble

The original Red or Dead Footwear that was
worn by Bros and Kylie in the 80s

So the Legend goes:
Red or Dead was started by 
Wayne Andrew Hemingway Esq and his good lady wife, 
Gerardine Hemingway back in 1982. 
They had no money, so they emptied their wardrobes 
and sold them on Camden market one Saturday 
and before they knew it they had 16 stalls.

Check my Post:
And the book The Good Bad and the Ugly by Tamsin Kingswell

And look, it's Jonathan Ross and Wayne Hemmingway 
on the Big Breakfast
Fashion Slot with Terri Seymour (Simon Cowell's ex) 
modelling some Red or Dead!!
We loved the Big Breakfast and Wayne 
was a great Fashion Expert!

Me in front of Space Baby - my favourite - 1990
the year that Kate Moss did her FACE cover that launched
her career 'The Summer of Love'
check my Post:

Above: 1990 Space Baby 

1991 Shopping
1992 Made in England

 1994-5 Butterfly and New York Skyline

1997 Guru

Above: Footwear

2011 Bank
2010 Seaspray Swimwear
2011 Raleigh Red or Dead Bikes

 The Red or Dead Cocktail: Cranberry and Campari - Yum! Xx

Until next time J Xx

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