Saturday, 10 November 2012

Belmacz, Jewellery, Art and Make-up @ 45 Davies Street! Xx

Right opposite Claridges on Davies Street with incredible creative surroundings, 
beautiful jewellery downstairs
and Art exhibition upstairs
including the work of Dan Coopey, Paul Housley, Camilla Low, 
Ben Newton and Rudolf Polanszky,
Belmacz launched a
New range of beautiful make up.

Aura, a new addition to the best-selling Belmacz Beauty collection, 
 debuted at Belmacz on 8 November 2012. 
We met Belmacz founder Julia Muggenburg and
 Fashion make-up artist Rhea La Riche who demonstrated
 the ease and versatility of Aura.

This unique beauty balm lends the skin a 

light rose-tinted lustre evoking the radiance induced 
by invigorating feelings such as true love 
or the combination of fresh air and sunshine. 
Poetry, literature and philosophy which brought 

those feelings to mind inspired Muggenburg to conceive Aura
as a revitalizing cosmetic.

Belmacz Beauty is the offshoot of Belmacz fine jewellery.

So the make-up and skin treatments within the line are

imbued with the luxuriance of Belmacz jewels. 
And just like the Belmacz Beauty’s Halo skin balm,

 Aura is a blend
of soothing ingredients including Vitamin E enriched

rosehip oil, cocoa butter along with 24-carat gold leaf 
and ultra-fine crushed pearl powder. 
Since ancient times, these natural, alchemy-derived 
ingredients have been prized as skin softening treatments.

A higher concentration of pearl powder within 

Aura infuses it with a subtle hint of pink which, 
with the gold leaf illuminating its formula
 enhances the skin with a dewy, opulent glow. 
Suitable for every skin tone,
 Aura glides seamlessly onto cheeks, lids and lips. 

We also tried the new Blitz which is a gorgeous matt

gold for the lids and Glow a stunning luminous but translucent
red lip gloss strewn with real gold flecks.

 Blitz, Silver Swan, Halo, Meteor and Glow

 The Wooden Swing Downstairs
 We are loving this Skull Carving
 and this Paul Housley Painting

 There are amazing details everywhere

  Rhea La Riche did make overs with Belmacz's beautiful products

 Here she is applying Blitz Gold


 The Beautiful Powder Puffs
 Here we can see the variety of products available

 Rhea puts Blitz on Michelle Bobb-Parris
 This is Michelle Bobb-Parris looking fabulous with her Glow Lips
Check her out on 

Here Rhea puts Gold Blitz on me then Meteor as Black eyeliner

 and lip gloss
Voila -  I have been Belmacz'd!!

Until next time J Xx

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