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Avery Fine Perfumery! Xx

Fatima from Pomellato 
Check my Post:
took me to Mayfair's best kept secret
Avery Fine Perfumery
Gianluca of Avery Fine Perfumery and Me

Bringing together some of the World's most niche Fragrances
 selected by leading international 
experts in artisitic Perfumery
Rare and Precious Fragrances by:
Esteban, Andree Putman, Boellis, Carthusia, Couto, 
Morgan Le Fay, Nasomatto, Nez a Nez
Profumi de Forte, SoOud, Narcotic and The Hype Noses.
Gianluca The Manager of the Store is very good at letting you know
which fragrance suits you.

My two favourite fragrances were the gorgeous 
Imortelle Marilyn by Nez a Nez
and Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto.

Imortelle Marilyn by Nez a Nez comes from  from Stéphane-Humbert Lucas,

the nose behind Nez à Nez, SoOud, and The Hype Noses.

The Fragrance has harnessed those characteristics 
of Marilyn Monroe are that have made her so irreplaceable
 'recklesness', 'flamboyance' and 'duality'.
The top notes of everlasting flower 'Imortelle', raspberry, hazelnut and ylang-ylang. 
The heart is iris, leather and nutmeg 
while the base notes are everlasting absolute, musk and Ambroxan.

Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto is
 "an intoxicatingly delightful heady floral 
capturing female sexual powers"

In the window at the moment is an display of the sculptural bottles in the collection of
Agonist Parfums all in a Bird Cage 
- playing, obviously on the word Avery - Aviary. 
 Inside the store is the most beautiful Boudoir with birds feet and
you can test your fragrance sprayed on the softest black feathers all the
while listening to the sound of bird song.

Avery Fine Perfumery
27 Avery Row
London W1K 4AY

020 7629 1892

Until next time J Xx

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