Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Babycham Bar At Maggie's, Fulham Road, Chelsea! Xx

The people at Maggie's, the 80s inspired boutique
Club in the heart of Chelsea have brought Babycham back
 - the absolutely Quintessential 80s drink!

Original 80s Babycham Ad

There is nothing more perfect than drinking Babycham 
in a champagne saucer with the 
simple addition of a cocktail cherry! Xx

Originally Marketed as "the genuine champagne perry", 
Babycham has now been re-launched and rebranded with
 the famous twinkly Disneyesque fawn.

The Babycham Bar at Maggie's

Especially for the opening of the Babycham Bar
the talented Maggie’s bar team have
 created a selection of Babycham based 
cocktails including: 

Wham Bam Thank You M’aam, 
a fierce and fiery mix of Goldschlager, 
tequila, lemon juice, sugar, lychee and Babycham.

Boom and Bust, a fresh and fruity 
blend of Disaronno, 
Peach Schnapps, and Sugar, 
topped with Babycham (below) 

and Lady In Red
a floozy of a fizz with Chambord, 
cloudy apple juice, Babycham and a dash of soda (below)

These are cocktails that Tom Cruise would 
be proud of.

Check him out below

The Babycham Bar has everything from 80’s anthems 
and walls covered in kitsch Thatcher paraphernalia, 
rubix cubes, and pacmans 
to waitresses dressed in neon leggings and permed wigs…

Owners Duncan Stirling and Charlie Gilkes’ 
other projects include secret speakeasy bar, 
Barts and the ‘Englishman’s Italian, 
bar Pizzeria and Karaoke’, Bunga Bunga. 
Notorious for already having successfully 
created a stylish 80s haven with Maggie’s,
 the dynamic duo have now encompassed 
everything worth re-introducing about
 retro with the launch of The Babycham Bar.

Take a quick look at some of the 80s advertising for 
the original Babycham
 and classic Babycham Glasses that we loved
and can now enjoy at Maggie's! Xx

As you can see Babycham and the New Babycham Dry
are like us 'They've Got Sparkle'! Xx

329 Fulham Road,
SW10 9QL
Tel: 020 7352 8512

Until next time J Xx

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