Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rouge Diorific in Gypsy Red - Frida's Favourite Lipstick! Xx

The girls and me - Blerta, Moza, Claire and Frida were all
 gathered in Costa last Friday
for our normal morning coffee, when Frida said
she had run out of her favourite lipstick 
and just had to go and buy another.

I normally have about seven in my bag, 
and was not used to this absolute faithfulness 
to one colour and one brand of lipstick, 
and just had to know what it was. 

Frida showed me the old lipstick
which had been used up so there was absolutely
none left - I mean none - it was EMPTY!
It used to be Rouge Diorfic in 22, Gypsy Rose
which she completely adores
and has about 60 empties at home 
which her daughter collects,
and puts along the window-sill in her 
bedroom as the cases are so beautiful!! Xx

Frida ran off to Bentalls to buy her lipstick and came
back with this gorgeous Dior bag - we all love these Dior Bags ...

...and inside sure enough is her new Diorific Gypsy Rose

Diorific is encased in a beautiful blue and gold case.

Gypsy Rose is the most beautiful iridescent burgundy red.
Frida says she reapplies it many times a day
and pretty much 'eats' it! Xx lol! 

Here she is applying ...

... and here is the beautiful result!
Frida looks Gorgeous! Xx

So what is YOUR favourite lipstick??

Buy Diorific £25 from 

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Until next time J Xx


  1. Frida's absolutely beautiful! Love Dior, but can't go past Chanel! I keep buying Rose Comete and scrape away at it with a lip brush! Xx

  2. Now that's a red, I'll happily wear :0)