Sunday, 14 October 2012

Marilyn MAC @ Selfridges & Feather Ray! Xx

I went to the MAC counter in Selfridges 
to check out the Marilyn Range
what I loved most was the eyeshadow 
in Preferred Blonde which is a
gorgeous sparkly champagne platinum shade,
 perfect for brushing all over eyelids for a diamond shine;
the Blush in Legendary a pale matt coral shade;
two of the deeply pigmented matt lipsticks 
in Scarlett Ibis and Deeply Adored;
Lip Pencil in Cherry;
and 35 Lashes which are long and feathery.

Hurry tho' - this range is selling out fast.
MAC has waited for years for the license to use
the iconic Marilyn Image on this range, and the
 colours are amazing especially the red shades
of the lipsticks - so definitely not around for long.

Check my Post for the extensive Tutorial
 from the ever brilliant Lisa Eldridge:

Nicolette applied my lashes along with 
some base on my eyelids, black eyeliner and the 
Deeply Adored Lipstick outlined in Cherry Lip Pencil.

Remember you can book in for a Makeup lesson 
at MAC on 3 at Selfridges 
by Ringing 0870 192 5610
One on One Make up Lesson with a MAC Pro

30 mins £20 Redeemable
60 mins £30 Redeemable

Lesson 90 Minutes £50 Redeemable
MAC Technique 2 Hours 30 mins £50 Redeemable
MAC Masters 75 mins £40 Redeemable

Walk in Demos Eye Lip or Face
are Complimentary

These are just Fabulous Options
and I cannot recommend them more highly
- so much to learn from these MAC Masters!! Xx

From L to R: Blush in Legendary, Lipstick in Deeply Adored,
Scarlett Ibis, Eyeshadow in Preferred Blonde
and Top: Lip Pencil in Cherry

Btw, my feather hair extensions which I LOVE,
 are by Feather Ray
who are currently at Topshop Oxford Circus

They are located in the Makeup department on the Ground Floor
and you can buy feathers priced between £18-£25
which are applied free of charge if a technician is there.

Check their FB Page

Love Ya!

Until next time J Xx

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