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Lazarides Gallery Bedlam & Apartment 58 at the Old Vic Tunnels! Xx

"Bedlam over the years has become synonymous with 
madness, chaos and pandemonium, 
it seemed like the perfect theme for a world gone mad. 
Be afraid.” Steve Lazarides, Owner, Lazarides Gallery

Following the success of Hell’s Half Acre in 2010
 and Minotaur in 2011, 
Lazarides Gallery and The Old Vic Tunnels 
 joined artistic forces for the third and final time 
coinciding with this year’s Frieze Art Fair - 9th – 21st  October
This year’s instalment was supported by HTC®, 
a global leader of mobile innovation and design, 
and Snow Queen Vodka.

‘Most people that work in theatre are mad, 
everyone involved in the art world is crazy, Steve Lazarides 
is probably the craziest of them all, which is why Bedlam, 
the historic mental asylum, is the perfect backdrop for an art show, 
a stones throw from the original site. 
Built around the same time as The Old Vic Theatre 
it drew almost as many crowds; 
for a penny one could peer into their cells, 
view the freaks of the "show of Bethlehem" 
and laugh at their antics. I guess nothing changes....’ 
Hamish Jenkinson - Director, The Old Vic Tunnels 

Antony Micallef Bestial Descent 100 x 80cm oil charcoal 
and metallic gold paint on canvas framed © Lazarides Gallery

The exhibition goes against the grain of society to 

bring you ‘Bedlam’ a term coined from ‘Bethlam’ 
London’s Hospital for the clinically insane.  
The infamous madhouse is the oldest in the country, 
which came to epitomise the brutality long associated 
with mental institutes. 

The meeting of minds between 
Lazarides Gallery and London’s foremost artistic 
platform The Old Vic Tunnels  creatively 
explores the term's modern day usage to include 
the brutality long associated with lunatic asylums 
to a much looser interpretation indicative of a 
state of chaos, disorder and extreme confusion.. 
It will certainly leave you questioning your ‘compos mentis’ 
an experience that will showcase the line between 
genius and madness has never been so thin.
HTC, a global leader of mobile innovation and design, 
has partnered with Lazarides Gallery to present Bedlam. 
Guests will receive an HTC device and headphones 
preloaded with an audio book tour of the exhibit. 

HTC has worked exhibiting artist ATMA 
on an art installation with customised handsets 
to be featured in the exhibition. 
In addition, the HTC One™ device 
will be used to capture three images 
that will be featured in the Bedlam catalogue following the show.
Contributors include: Antony Micallef, 
Artists Anonymous, ATMA, Conor Harrington, 
Dan Witz, Doug Foster, Ian Francis, Jane Fradgley, 
Karim Zeriahen, Kelsey Brookes, Klaus Weiskopf, 
Lucy McLauchlan, Michael Najjar, Naschev, Tessa Farmer, 
Tina Tsang, Tobias Klein, War Boutique and 3D.

Apartment 58, a member’s only space connecting 
and supporting creatives and ZEO the non-alcoholic drink 
for adults have joined forces to provide hospitality 
throughout the exhibition alongside a 
dedicated program of daytime and evening entertainment.

The Hunt (detail) 2012, Bones, porcupine spine, 
insects, plant roots. © Tessa Farmer 

And an image from 2011’s Old Vic Tunnels show by artist Doug Foster.

About Lazarides
Lazarides Inc is one of the world’s most influential galleries, 
with three permanent spaces and extensive high profile off-site activity. 
The group is dedicated to emerging international artists 
who defy categorisation, often existing outside 
of conventional artistic career structures. 
This vision has resonated with the general public and major collectors alike.
Founded in 2006 by Steve Lazarides, the group represents 
some of the most exciting and innovative artists 
working today including Antony Micallef, David Choe, 
JR, Vhils, Faile, Jonathan Yeo, Charlie Isoe, 
Conor Harrington, Ian Francis, Stanley Donwood, 
3D, Invader, Zevs, Mode 2, Todd James /Reas, Blu, Paul Insect and BAST.
In addition to its extensive exhibition program 
Lazarides has also presented numerous art events 
outside of the UK, most notably: Banksy's Barely Legal
 in Los Angeles (2007), Antony Micallef's Impure Idols also in LA (2007), 
The Outsiders in New York (2008), Eurotrash in LA (2010) 
plus others by Jonathan Yeo, 
Faile and David Choe.
 Off-site shows in Britain include Faile's 
Lost in Glimmering Shadows (2008) 
and Hell's Half Acre (2010) 
in conjunction with the Old Vic tunnels.
About The Old Vic Tunnels
Hidden beneath Waterloo Station lies 
30,000 square feet of unused railway vaults, 
a labyrinth of mystical tunnels. 
Fast becoming London's leading underground Arts venue, 
The Old Vic Tunnels has seen indie 
phenomenon Edward Sharpe and the 
Magnetic Zeros create 5 nights of the
 Wild West on Mars; the legendary 
New York Dolls perform; 
a 5 day festival of comedy and improvisation; 
a season with the decadent Boom Boom Club; 
 a summer term from the National 
Youth Theatre of Great Britain; 
Universal's Yellow Lounge and a Michelin Star 
pop-up restaurant. There is an 
Underground Artist scheme with 
a resident Photographer, 
Graffiti Artist, Designer and soon 
Filmmaker and DJ. Veuve Clicquot 
recently sponsored the build of a 
brand new piano bar which can be 
found outside The Screening Room, 
and Bloomberg continues to provide 
support as The Old Vic Tunnels Volunteers Partner.
The Old Vic Tunnels is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Old Vic Theatre Trust.
About HTC
Founded in 1997, HTC Corporation (HTC) 
is the creator of many award-winning 
mobile devices and industry firsts. 
By putting people at the center of everything it does, 
HTC pushes the boundaries of design 
and technology to create innovative 
and personal experiences for consumers 
around the globe. HTC’s portfolio 
includes smartphones and tablets 
powered by HTC Sense®, a 
multilayered graphical user 
interface that vastly improves user experience. 
HTC is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange 
(TWSE: 2498). For more information, please visit
The entrance to the Old Vic Tunnels
The pop up Apartment 58 Bar 
at the Old Vic Tunnels

About Apartment 58
Since opening its doors in Soho this February, 
Apartment 58 has launched a new global 
concept with its first accessible work 
and socialising space for the creative industry. 
Apartment 58 aims to offer a high-tech home 
from home where members can access and 
use the apartment for both work and play.
 The simple concept offers intimate apartment 
and bar spaces with understated design 
and personal access available 
for members who can use the 
space to work, hold meetings, 
host events or simply socialise 
with some friends over a cocktail.
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