Monday, 15 October 2012

Isabeli Fontana launches beauty'in Exclusively at Selfridges! Xx

Isabeli Fontana was at Selfridges looking absolutely fabulous
to launch beauty'in new
range of beautydrinks, beautycandy, 
beautybars and beautytea! Xx

beauty'in launched exclusively at Selfridges from 27 September.

beauty'in's Cristiana Arcangeli and Mark McDonald of Glorious Brands

The launch of Brazilian Entrpreneur Cristiana Arcangeli's 'Alimetics' 
is a blend of her expertise in the 
worlds of food, nutrition and cosmetics.  
'Alimetics' describes the dietary and cosmetic 
properties combined in her products. 

Mark McDonald of Glorious Brands and Isabeli Fontana

Above: Explaining the innovative beauty'in bottle which contains
all the active Vitamins in the lid so before drinking,
you have to screw the top down to release them into the 
cooled flavoured water, and shake well.
Above: beautycandy in four flavours containing
Hydrolyzed Collagen for firm, elastic and glowing skin.

Above: beauty'in beautybars

All the products are healthy and nutritious and
 perfect for controlling hunger between meals.
The ingredients combine vitamins, minerals, 
organic fruit extract and digestible collagen.
So there is beautydrink, beautytea, beautycandy and beautybar.
beauty'in products contain 
no added sugar, preservatives or trans fats.
Collagen is the body natural protein 
which forms the fibre that give the skin
firmness and elasticity and an effective way 
of supplementing reduced collagen which happens
after the age of 30, is with a daily intake 
of hydrolysed collagen as found in beauty'in products.

There are eight flavours and formulations in the beauty'in drinks:
 four for wellbeing
and four for beauty inside out
All of the drinks have vitamins and
 hydrolysed Collagen, zero sugars, zero trans fats, 
are free from preservatives and 
contain just 12 calories or fewer.

For Well Being

a fantastic pick me up helping the body to eliminate toxins
cucumber, lemon tea and aloe vera
vitamins A, C and E and mineral selenium

 lift your mood with vitamin B6 which 
promotes seratonin production, and substances that reduce fluid retention
nectarine and red tea
Vitamin B1, B6, B12, Zn and red tea extract

a combination of nutrients that stimulate 
the brain and metabolism to help fight fatigue 
tangerine, guarana and orange.
Vitanmin A, C and E, B2, B6,  PP, B12, Zinc Selenium, Guarana and Acerola

Nutrients that promote good brain function,
 lessen the effect of cortisol stressors and 
increase seratonin production- creating a feeling of calm and well being
mulberry, passion fruit, lemon and lemongreass
Vitamin A, C and E, B2, B6, Mulberry and Passion Fruit

For Beauty Inside Out 

cartenoids keeps the skin surface hydrated 
and Vitamin C increases ceramide
preserving the skin's moisture barrier
pear, green tea and coconut water
Vitamins C and E, Cartenoids, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Coconut Water

a selection of nutrients that work to 
repair tissue, resulting in stronger hair and nails
lychee and white tea
Vitamins, A, C, D, E, B6, PP and Biotin,
 Calcium, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Pine Phytosterols

B-young and free  
containing nutrients that promote younger 
looking and healthier skin, packed with 
antioxidants to protect the skin against free radicals
hibiscus, acai and grape
Vitamins A, C and E, Lycopene and Greape and Acai

B-ready for the day  
a multivitamin drink to prpar your body 
for the day and maintain energy levels throughout
raspberry, blueberry and acai
Vitamins A, C, D, E B1, B2, B6, B12, 
Folic Acid Biotin and Carotenoids.

We tried B-happy and B-focused already,
and these drinks especially when chilled are delicious! Xx

Isabeli Fontana
Pictures: Jenny Palmer

Until next time J Xx

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