Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tom Ford AW12 Make Up at Selfridges! Xx

 The Autumn Winter 2012 Tom Ford Beauty Collection
is as gorgeous as ever.

Here are the visuals starring Snejana Onopka
Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Garren (Hair Stylist)
Charlotte Tilbury (Makeup Artist)
Katie Grand (Stylist) 

We went to the Personal shopping Suites 
at Selfridges to learn all about the
new Tom Ford Look for Autumn Winter 2012
and how he is playing with the 
Introvert and Extrovert within us.
On one side with the Enchanted Palette 
with its Rose petals, and beiges running through to mauves 
- a slightly more Romantic look.
 And on the other side a much more 
Hedonistic image with smoky eyes. 
A 20s , Great Gatsby look, with the 
peacock feather hued Emerald Lust Palette 
and bold magenta Lips.

Intertwined with the make-up is the Jardin Noir fragrances 
which are exclusively available at Selfridges.
 using the flowers Rose, Lily, Hyacinth and Narcisiss. 
 Tom Ford is here concentrating 
on the Hypnotising, darker, mesmorising side of the flower.
  Here, there is no purity. 
These are unisex fragrances to inspire and attract.

First we were given a demonstration of 
both looks 
then we went through to the private rooms
 to try the looks for ourselves.

Eye Color Quad in Enchanted 
The Enchanted palette has plum and burgundy
can use the colour wet for more intensity,
and is like a second skin the pigment holds really well.

gel eyeliner in plum absolute

Plum Absolute used for eye liner right near the lashes and smudged
Mr Ford likes a lived in lash line not to defined.
The look should be enhanced near to the lashes and not
concentrated in the socket, and definitely stay away from
highlighting under the brows.
Tainted love lip and cheek Stain is like crushed rose petals
absolute Handbag essential.

 lip and cheek stain in tainted love,
Apply the colour on the cheek bone as the 70s and 80s icons.
Naivite Gloss on lips - High Colour and High shine
but not sticky.

The look with the Enchanted Palette

 Above: Amber's look with Emerald Lust Palette

Eye Color Quad in Emerald Lust
Emerald lust is applied wet for a 
solid colour pigment which gives a 
smooth texture and a sparkly sequin effect.

Eye Defining Pencil in Exotic Teal
Under the eye in the Exotic Teal pencil. 
For instant drama the blush 
is the vivid pink in narcissist 
applied to the top of the cheek bone in homage to 70s/80s.

 cheek colour in narcissist

Her lips are in aphrodisiac 

with Wet Violet gloss on top to 
transform the colour like looking at a flower 
through blackened glass to get the mesmerising look.

Ultrashine Lipgloss in Wet Violet

Above: the Personal Shopping Suites at Selfridges
This is Fatima before her make over

Shade and Illuminate £55

Candice showed Fatima how to use the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate.
She first brushed the dark shade in a rainbow shape on the upper side of the
cheek bone and then blended that in.
 Then she showed Fatima how to apply 
the illuminating white shade with a brush
to the eye bone and upper cheek bone for ultimate illumination.
You can also brush the illuminator 
on the cupids bow for more pouty lips.

Candice used the Emerald Lust Quad for a subtle look on Fatima. 
She used the palest green on the lids.
Then with a flat angled brush she used the darkest shade from lash line in to
the socket blending all the time.

Candice used both shades under the eye with the
Exotic Teal Eye Defining Pencil and the amazing 
Black Extreme Mascara.
Also the Brow Sculptor in Chestnut
for Fatima's final gorgeous look
which really emphasises her beautiful green eyes.

 Here I am before any make up.
(pictures kindly taken by Fatima)
 Candice first applies the Eye Defining Pencil in Exotic Teal
in a thick line very near the lashes
 then with a brush the mid tone from the Emerald lust palette

 here the darkest colour is applied with a rounded brush from lash line
angled up to socket
 and then with middle finger the palest green applied to
the middle of the eyelid looking like a peacock feather
or mermaid tail
 Candice then applies black defining pencil 
to the waterline and under the eye
 and then brushes the mid green under one eye
 blonde eyebrow pencil
 here both sides are done
 then for the cheeks - candice uses the lip and cheek stain in tainted love
applying in rough line - as you can see and blending with fingers
 lips are in naiveté gloss
 here I am in the the personal shopping suite at selfridges
where the tom ford evening took place

Also part of the AW12 collection are these 
nail lacquers in minx and dominatrix

The Four Jardin Noir Fragrances 
Available Exclusively at Selfridges

a selection of the AW collection from L to R
Enchanted Eye Quad, Minx and Dominatrix Nail Laquers, 
Tainted Love Lip and Cheek stain, 
Lipstick in aphrodisiac 
Eye Defining Pencil in Exotic Teal
Lip Gloss in Wet Violet  and Naivete
Blush in Narcissist 
gel eyeliner in plum absolute

Until next time J Xx

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