Sunday, 30 September 2012

Slendertone Core Values! Xx

I first tried Slendertone when 
Philip Treacy, no less designed a new version
of the 'Face' for them, and I went to 
the launch at Harrods.
Check my Post:
My Post on Philip Treacy's Fabulous SS13 Show

I was amazed at the results, and lately I have tried
their brilliant arms accessory which I am just as happy with.
It consists of a pad for each arm with velcro
fastenings which connect into the
Slendertone system interchangeable controller.

Slendertone Arms Accessory £39.99

 Just using the new premium Slendertone Arms for 10-20 minutes, 
five times a week will help arms become visibly toned.
It conditions biceps 
and triceps in the upper arm, helping to strengthen 
and define arms in six weeks.

Jarod Chapman

Slendertone Ambassador and Celebrity Arms Toning Expert, 
Jarod Chapman, says
‘Slendertone Arms’ EMS technology 
will help you achieve that great looking tone 
that only comes with regular exercise. 
Enhance your Slendertone training routine by 
following a simple upper body exercise circuit 
of kneeling push-ups, close grip push-ups and bench dips. 
This will help to strengthen your upper body 
and will add tone and definition to your arms, 
including your triceps, so the end result is truly fantastic arms!’

Nichola Joss, Slendertone Ambassador and Celebrity Facialist adds: 
‘After just six weeks my arms felt firmer and stronger.
 I have also noticed improvement in my upper arm definition,
 which was achieved from the comfort of my own home!’

As their Ambassador Jarod Chapman
says - 'all the Slendertone Products
are perfect to use alongside
your own exercise 
and healthy eating plan
for maximum results.'

I have just started a course of Bikram Yoga
to keep me warm during the Winter Months! Xx

Photography by Joe Salvino, Studio 960

Slendertone range of premium products 
 tone specific body areas from the ‘inside out’ thanks to its exclusive, 
clinically-proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology. 
 This technology ensures that all relevant muscles contract, 
not just those under the pads, by stimulating the nerves 
supplying each muscle group to help tone and strengthen 
all arm muscles, bottom muscles or all 
abdominal muscles deep into the core.

During exercise, your muscles naturally respond to signals 
sent by your brain, and the Slendertone technology 
works in the same way. 
This means that from the comfort of their homes, 
men and women can work-out their
complete abdominal musculature 
– the Rectus Abdominus and Oblique muscles, 
and also the difficult to reach Transversus Abdominus 

– the key muscle group to helping to achieve a flatter stomach. 

Slendertone Abs £149

- guarantees a firmer and tighter tummy 
from the inside out in just four weeks. 
Using the belt for 20 minutes a day provides
 a complete abdominal workout - the equivalent of 120 sit-ups.
 With ten programmes to work out your abs – 
seven passive programmes when no physical activity
 is required and three active programmes for use with exercise 
– the Slendertone Abs belt is designed to be used as part of a healthy, 
balanced lifestyle. 
What’s more, the active programmes include a cardio setting,
 for use when running or power walking, 
and two intense stomach crunch routines, 
which are like having a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home. 
The belt is very discreet and can be worn under clothes, 
so you can now professionally tone anytime, anywhere.


Slendertone Bottom £139.99

- firms, tightens and tones 
the bottom area in as little as just four weeks
It delivers its impressive results by working 
the most important muscles for the bottom 
– Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus. 
Using Slendertone Bottom for just 30 minutes 
is as effective as 60 reversed leg lifts.

Dr. Trish Smith, Bio-Medical Research Ltd 
(parent company of Slendertone) and qualified physician
 'The Slendertone Bottom tones and 
trains the three most important muscles 
– Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus
 – to help lift, reshape and tone the bottom 
for an improved shape in just four weeks.’

Celebrity beauty therapist Nichola Joss comments, 
‘Toned is the new skinny. 
 I see it in Hollywood and on our UK girls too.  
I’d recommend using Slendertone Bottom, 
it’s an easy to use beauty gadget which helps 
to tone and shape for fantastic results.” 
Jarod Chapman comments,
 "As a personal trainer my clients want results; 
Slendertone's patented technology 
pulsates your muscles awake, 
you will feel toned and stronger. 
The secret to looking great is made 
easy with Slendertone,
 healthy eating and a structured exercise plan,
 go for it!’ 

All Slendertone products are scientifically 
developed and have undertaken rigorous 
clinical trials to guarantee proven results. 
For more information on Slendertone 
available also from Argos, Littlewoods, 
Boots, Amazon and Next.

Until next time J Xx

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